10 Reasons to be Entrepreneur at School

“Entrepreneur” such an Magnetic Effect has this word in the minds of the people across Class, Creed, Nationality, Religion or Education that it made me write this post for my all those readers who are still looking to take up the challenge of being Entrepreneur as a Parent as a Kid, as a Individual. Lets try to understand the 10 Reasons as I said in my heading of my Post 10 reasons to be Enterpreneur in your school days:-

1. Independence:- You are doing something which you have to do independently without intervention of anybody. So you have to apply your own grown grey cells no imported Ideas….

2. Pocket Money:-  Now after being an Entrepreneur you are able to manage your pocket expenses slowly you are able to pay your tution fees partly/Wholly then more later you are able to sponsor yourself your school/College fees. Imagine the savings you will be able to make in your school days itself.

3. No Fear of Failing:-  If you are unable to succeed still you be getting food and shelter at your home and financial protection from your parents. Which you cannot do after 10-20 years with a family at your back to support to.

4. Creativity:-  Hey you are creative to be Entrepreneur you are a painter, you are a story writer, you are an editor, you make nice potteries so many things to do and believe me you have one or the other talent just start believing yourself is the key to any successful person.

5. Name, Fame:- What else you can think about other than being successful with Name, Fame at your school/College days. You hit the deck early you wins the race early, Catch here is Better late than never.

6. Support from Friends and Family:-  At this age you easily find reliable people to take help from with nothing to treat them with you never mind parting with few bugs samosa and tea for a help in your sketch or an Idea in designing a cloth your friends and family members are your best partner at this time with out the fear of being betrayed.

7. Time Pass:-  Remember when you were free in your school vacations and you are forced to join a Dance, Drawing or Cricket-Swimming Class but now with a dream in your head you are driven towards your passion to achieve something in life. So No Time to Waste Go get it.

8. Recreation with work:-  If you are involved in something you slowly will find improvement in studies also you observe improvement in focus towards your studies.

9. Exposure:-  Imagine presenting your passion in between big people with “Serious Business Huh! Attitude and  you are standing in between them due to your talent. Amount of exposure is huge there are people who are ready to invest in new Ideas only thing they lack is Ideas and that you have it. So what you are waiting for…

10. Venture and Social Networking:-  With your Ideas taking shape you meet with many people and slowly you are getting ready to combat in the job world with your so so so many contacts that you developed over a period of time. So if you even decide to go for a job after completing your schooling and graduation, it is a cake walk for you with so many contacts who can deliver the promise and I am sure your years of commitment with them is not going to waste.

Okay so we are done with the reasons. Now few and figures for you to think upon. In India there are 14 Crores of School going kids if a matter of fact out of these many kids 1/28th part of them picked up to be a master (or Entrepreneur) of there own fields (which means 50 LAKH Entreprenuers every Year!!) and  out of these 50 lac kids in worst case scenario only 1/50th are successful as a Entrepreneur Imagine we are having 1 Lakh Entrepreneurs Every Year….which are able to produce  at least another 5 Lakh jobs every year….


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