101 Ways to be Social Networking Superstar


Now this post is long pending in my mind as the Social Networking is the next big thing in this world after Jackson, Madonna, Justin, Ricky, Mukesh, Obama, Saddam, Gandhi, Queen Elizabeth, Einstein, Newton, Aristotle, Aryabhat, Anna Hazare & Baba Ramdev. And believe me the power of social networking has outgrown even the effects of Media which is considered to be a make or break thing.

Now how Social Networking has changed the World around us is out of scope of the current post but will surely discuss  this topic in upcoming posts. Coming back to the topic in hand 101 ways to be social Networking Superstar are as follows:-

1. Remain Up-to-date with latest happenings.

2. Listen to Others.

3. Participate actively in Popular discussions.

4. Put your thought in simple words.

5. Stick to the topic while discussing in a Social Networking forum.

6. Accept Criticism Wholeheartedly.

7. Refrain from Aggression.

8. Make People mould towards your thoughts. Be a Effective Speaker.

9. Read Older Comments before jumping into a discussion.

10. Understand the Writers thought before pushing like and Commenting on it.

11. No single liner comments Please…. (Waao, Excellent!, Fantastic Thought!!!, Great Job…)

12. Don’t keep commenting on the single post again and again.

13. Consider your image as a speaker before writing.

14. Silence sometimes makes you popular. Sometimes you are in thought process of writing and suddenly your extreme critic send you a stinker comments. Don’t reply to the stinker with another stinker. Keep mum, your genuine readers will take care of the stinker.

15. Refrain from commenting on someone’s Religion, Sect or Sex.

16. No Ideas don’t write. It is not mandatory you write some or the other thing. Writing nothing is better than useless post.

17. Sometimes Browse through posts and comments, it is not necessary that you comment on everything.

18. Better Speaker is Best Listener.

19. Don’t forget Social Networking is Virtual world.

20. Controversies never make you popular. Yes it makes you a topic to laugh upon.

21. Be Ready to Help someone with something you are good at.

22. No useless recommendations. Don’t suggest something which you yourself don’t follow.

23. Following Popular people is not a Guarantee of success.

23. Follow Celebs, commenting replying on there posts can make few eyeballs roll towards you. In my above point I said Popular people CAN be your steps to popularity but doesn’t implement everywhere or on everyone.

24. Read Popular Comments and Posts. It gives ideas for you to come up with something new for your followers.

25. Appreciate whole heartedly. Good efforts needs appreciation.

26. Reply to every post.

27. No Harm in showing ignorance in public forum. Express freely you don’t know it.

28. Maintain your Niche.

29. Post good photos.

30. Your followers need to know what you doing so be personal sometimes within limit.

31. Comment or post the latest topic of discussion. It drives popularity.

32. Post Reviews sometimes of a movie, a book you recently read.

33. Comment like a common man, Post like a celeb. Read again and try thinking on this point.

34. keep challenging your ability. Think fast write ultra fast.

35. Power of pen is the supreme power and its impact is more than word of mouth-. So be responsible.

36. Be Innovative try something new everyday.

37. Be a critic of your own. Read after you write and analyse it like critic friend of yourself.

38. Use popularity charts to index how popular you are and hence set targets.

39. World is not friend. So think before hitting approve in front of Friend Request.

40. Politics be in Parliament avoid political discussion in Social Media.

41. Refrain from taking a political stand.

42. Let the reader decide good or bad after reading your post,comment.

43. Use such mediums where the visibility is high but the efforts is less.

44. Keep single user id of every Social Media.

45. Balanced approach in writing some or other topic.

46. Be a reader of yourself.

47. Learn from mistakes.

48. Work upon a plan.

49. Brush up your thoughts before starting a topic.

50. Concentrate on a single medium of social networking.

51. Know your readers.

52. Controversies double readers and triple critics.

53. Learn how to fail before how to successful.

54. Show the most popular posts/comments at front page for readers.

55. Display some genuine figures with sources which makes you Genuine Writer.

56. Authentic and original thoughts attracts readers.

57. Respect your readers and thank them for the efforts they put in to read through.

58. Understand what readers want.

59. Ask questions.

60. Maintain Positive Ordeal.

61. Restrict Spamming and Spammers to spoil your image.

62. Aware readers should be the aim.

63. Understand Mental level of the reader and plan your post accordingly.

64. Run according to time. If Orkut is out of the popularity chart. Keep posting something or the other thing on Orkut once in a while but prime focus should be on Facebook and Twitter.

65. Business should never be in mind of populist in initial days of popularity. It hampers image sometimes if you consider your followers as milking cow.

66. Consider yourself a scientist and your Facebook Page/Wall or Timeline or twitter updates as lab.

67. Work Hard in Initial days play smart later on.

68. Make Chain posts or tweets on a particular topic to create a niche of readers.

69. Optimize your Social Site for best user experience every month.

70. Challenge yourself everyday.

71. Think deeply write immediately. Thoughts are like waves same thoughts usually don’t return again.

72. Get Inspired from others but don’t copy. Maintain minute gap between Inspiration and copying.

73. Fillers required sometimes to maintain good appetite of readers.

74. Take Breaks to refresh mind.

75. Consider yourself as human not popularising machine.

76. Travel a lot to write new contents.

77. Meet your readers/followers sometimes to understand what they want from you.

78. Share pain sharing pains brings people closure.

79. Don’t comment let readers discuss in between themselves.

80. Read Read and Read a Lot.

81. Treat Your Social Networking page as your asset.

82. Timing is the key.

83. Agreement in disagreement is sometimes beneficial.

84. Work Smart upon your homepage.

85. People should not feel aloof or lost in your page.

86. Attractive appearance.

87. Polite and Patient Approach.

88. Treat your readers equally as a partner so they can enrich your page and your social appearance more appealing.

89. Help your friends and free to take help from them.

90. Popularity can also increase by word of mouth.

91. Let People Popularise your Page.

92. Incentivize your readers with goodies.

93. Self Belief is the Key.

94. Patience and Sustainability is important.

95. Focussed Approach.

96. Avoid Distractions and get away from PC if you feel distracted.

97. Keep taking tips of improvement from friends and family.

98. Keep eye on what people are talking about you online.

99. Read Magazine to update yourself with latest news and ways to address unseen audience.

100. Love what you are doing if you do something whole heartedly it becomes a big hit.

101. Do your best don’t find shortcuts to immediate success. Immediate Success comes with more Immediate Failures.

So here we end this marathon post of 101 tips to be super star in social networking. Hope you had enjoyed reading tips. I hope to see more 101 tips from you in improving visibility and popularity in social networking.

Soon will share some more marathon topics which needs such extensive lists. Would like to here from you your experience from Social Networking so as to make the best conclusion out of it.


So Super Stars Keep Shining…..




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