11 Reasons You will be Successful Blogger

11 Reasons you will be successful Blogger
As a Blogger when We start off writing things we usually ask questions with ourselves.
Why Will I Succeed? // Am I Different from others? // What is So Special about me? // Will I be Successful?
These questions are sometimes answered sometimes left unanswered. And if somethings which we start off with half-heart have a probability to fail. So below are the questions to every doubt you may have in your mind about your success as a blogger. The qualities are not born talents but are developed over a period of time.

1. Clear Expression.
2. Communication Skills.
3. Accept Criticism.
4. Be a Positive Critic.
5. Able Marketer.
6. Time Manager.
7. Risk taking ability.
8. Patient Listener.
9. Hard Worker
10. Social
11. Tireless reader

Just to brief about what all these 11 terms means to say
Clarity in Expression
The medium to connect with readers is only your writing if you are able to express yourself and your views in writing you will be successful as a blogger.

Communication Skills
This I have kept away from Expression because it includes command on English because expressions are clear in your mind but the communicating language is grammatically wrong or is misspelled. The whole expression can go weird. So if you have a fair command in English as a language you can improve further sail successfully as a blogger.

Accept Criticism
There may be multiple instances wherein your thoughts will be criticized to a level of personal attack. But able blogger handles these situations nicely and he can make his biggest critic his best friend. And friends never hurt you despite being a critic :).

Be a positive critic
Being critic and positive critic are two different things when you become a critic of something there is a dangerously higher chances of you converting yourself to be a negative critic.

Able Marketer
Marketers are of two types who blends its marketing skills to an extent of being pushy sales person. But able marketer knows the limit of himself and his target audience. So rather than being

Time Manager
Time management is very much connected with discipline and passion. I read a fantastic line somewhere “There is a difference in between Interested and Passionate. if you are Interested in doing something you will take a casual approach to get that thing done. Whereas if you are passionate to get the work done you will loose sleep to get it completed.” So people say time couldnot be managed for quality content. But If you are passionate about writing on a topic the ideas will flow by themselves. And time gets managed if you are passionate. So the question is Are you Passionate?

Risk Taking Ability
Risk is always connected with Finance but actually the biggest risk in Blogging is about your content, to write an offtopic post or not. To follow black or white ways to get backlinks, fans and followers. The risks are many but blogger has to follow his experience. So should always take risks and be ready to venture into new areas.

Patient Listener
In blogging life there are many places you will be questioned or advised or may be flooded with suggestions. But you need to be very patient while listening to your readers in such places. And it is established all over that Bloggers are very patient people. So be a patient listener on chat forums or hangouts and you can win hundred thousand new readers in a go.

Hard Worker
Blogging is a field which demands lot of time, energy and efficient efforts. So as a blogger you must be very hardworking and be prepared to work day in day out in establishing your site within blogging community. Because hard work with patience and passion is a core of success. So be ready to face the hard time.

As i talked about being a patient listener, a blogger must be active not only in social life online but offline as well. Because offline you will gain or retain new friends well wishers which is desired for any successful person. So if you are active socially online and offline be ready to get tons of readers and loads of subscribers for your blog.

Tireless Reader
Blogging is about quality writing and a quality in writing could come only if you read a lot quality stuff. After reading for many hours you can write quality paragraph on the topic. As a blogger you need to be a tireless reader because as much as you read the quality in writing and writing skills will improve. So it is more about gaining because as much as you gain you can disseminate only if you have read the idea. It is important to read before writing and reading is not about casual reading you need to research on the topic. Online and offline more offline because more it will be offline, more chances are there it would be unique and out of the box.

Are you missing in few of them right now within yourself. Don’t reject yourself as a failure because you don’t have all of them. If you have all of them time required to be a successful blogger will be lesser in compare to the one who is still in learning phase. Nothing to worry about if you don’t have even many of them if you have passion to express yourself and craze to write you can achieve all of the above reasons 1 by 1. All of them could be developed over a period of time with passion, right self assessment and experience. What are your Secrets of Success?
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