5 Best Apps for BlackBerry Playbook


So we are back with Best 5 Post Here in this we will discuss about the best 5 BlackBerry Playbook Apps which will help you entertain, make you learn the drawing skills, enjoyment and challenge you by offering games to play as well as help you in finding local business, Hotels, Movie Halls, Restaurants and Hangouts, make you social by socializing online via Facebook. Now lets see how these apps are going to do so many things on your Facebook Playbook Tablet. Below are the apps that are a complete package for you to be indulged with your BlackBerry Playbook.

A. Facebook for BlackBerry Playbook

The Facebook for BlackBerry Playbook tablet application is the most popular andimage favourite application for the users. Recently has been updated with the latest version. Now this app is preinstalled now with BlackBerry Tablet OS V1.0.5 Also the BlackBerry users who upgrade to the Version OS V1.0.5  now will be pushed with this updated Facebook App. Also this App is available on BlackBerry App world.


B. Poynt for BlackBerry Playbook



You want Recommendation for Dinner or want to find where to see your favourite actor/actress movie imagewith your date tonight, this application is the best for all such usages. This app help you find information on businesses, people, movies, restaurants or event close to your surroundings. It also get integrated on your BlackBerry Smartphone. It allows you to send restaurant, hotel, office address directly to your tablet address book. So no need to struggle through Google Maps or fighting your way out on street beating the bushes. Poynt will lead you through to your destination hassle free.


C. Doodle Blast


In this time pass app you need to use your drawing skills to gain marblesimage into the cup and avoid running out of Ink. This game is not that easy but with lot of fun hope you will try it in your tablet. This is quiet a challenging game like Baseball(Deluxe) of chrome.





D. Need for Speed Undercover


If you are crazy enthusiast of playing Need for Speed and has followed up from NFS to NS3, NFS3 to NFS7, imageNFS Carbon, Underground, Undercover . In this latest version remodelled for Blackberry Playbook it has excellent graphics and superb control over the game. Are You Game!!!!! Go grab this app and have fun.




E. GeeReader



It is worth a try as the RSS reader rock built with this BlackBerry Playbookimage will make your experience of reading posts of your favourite Blogger a life cherishing experience. The reason is that you can read the latest news with a click. Embed the feeds you following just by logging into your Gmail account and this app is ready to shoot. Now read, write review, share post, Favourite posts and can toggle read/unread posts settings. All news now into your BlackBerry Playbook, so go and Play.



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