5 Ways to Handle Career Roller Coaster

It is a daunting task to handle a change and if it is related to career it may land you in no
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where land(no rear no forward). The biggest challenge a professional face while making a change is the comfort of the current job. I believe that everyone should go through this pain because as the famous saying goes “Beyond fear lies Victory” to come out of the comfort zone and to take the roller coaster ride of alteration in Job. May be its change in profile, or change in job location, or change in company altogether. But the challenge remains the same. How to come out of the cocoon of comfort that we have made inside our mind. I am listing here those Golden Steps which may ease hiccups of this Roller Coaster.


Take note of your Priorities

Take a self analysis before jumping to conclusion on an unknown field. Taking a punt is quiet easy but undoing is very difficult. Hence the essence is take calculative steps. Understand first that how the new job role is going to add on to your current experience. If the answer is yes it makes a difference and the new role fits your previous job experience there is no harm in sliding into this valley. But remember sliding into a snow valley doesn’t mean that the rider should be completely unaware of the terrain. Enlist your current competencies and map it with the anticipated challenges in the new role. If both of them matches a bit you can tighten your seat belt for this ride.

Don’t be Scared to take risks


As a famous saying “Life is all about Risk” so don’t shy away from risk there risk in everything right from birth to death we usually live on the edge. We can never say we are 100% safe anywhere in this world. So now What to Do? is the next question which must be in your mind. But What I mean to say here is to take risks but calculative is the catch. If you took a decision and you see the risks involved within it and you are not in a position to take risk postpone the decision but never let a decision block your path of self-development and exploration. So keep your options ready once the situation is in your favour tie the rope and do the sky diving. Believe me there is no fun other then this.

Back Up Plan


Now what if the things don’t work as planned. Important part is not that how hard you tie the rope around your waist before sky diving. Important is you keep a working parachute as well to smoothen your landing on earth also parachute can save you from a life threatening free fall. What I mean to say is the time you spend in preparing for your new job role the same amount of time is required to be ready with a backup plan.


Plan your finances


A career transition sometimes may comes with instability, financial hiccups and drag you to a deeper financial problem. To avert the situation plan the financial backup before going ahead. Say for instance you started a Insurance Agency after working with a national insurance company but your business requires Capital to invest in initial days and may give you negative returns in the starting so you need a firm foundation finances to make sure you keep pouring in finances and also maintain the social and financial stature of your family. Keep risk buffer of atleast 50% as backup money as this money may help you both in crisis situation as may also work as backup capital for growth of business.

Enhance your skills


Now this is the most important part of the complete exercise as without it your Career alteration will fail in the first step. The purpose of job change is enhancing skill sets to accommodate more challenges so as to keep the learning lamp on. And before jumping into any field you should be aware of the basics of the field. How things roll and how things stuck in new job is a must for any go getter. Challenge is not big for anyone as Google is here to solve all your worries. Try to read and explore as much as you can about your new role. So you are not dumbstruck with any challenge in new role.

Sky is the limit for those who jump believing themselves. Enjoy Job change with caution.


Now Is your career move Planned?


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