6 Dimensions of Strategic Thinking Brains

A normal person and a strategic thinker can be differentiated with in any company/organisation with a simple observation that few people come out of the box as real champions and they sit at a higher position as compare to contemporary experienced counterparts.

Why and How they manage to do so. Do they have 4 eyes 4 ears 6 brains 8 hands 8 legs?

Answer to above question is one word…..Negative!!!!

They think differently they strategies there daily job and follow same strategy in achieving there self proclaimed goals of Month, Quarter and Year… They are like Sachin Tendulkar who answer his critics with his bat. In a function celebrating his 100th Century he was requested to sing a song he replied simply Give me a Bat I can play few balls but I cannot sing. He does what he do Extremely well without being distracted. I share with you few points I got to know what these extra ordinary people do:-

A. Anticipate:- They Predict like from a marketing perspective what is the requirements of the customer and what he expects from the company/brand…

B. Think Critically:- Before reaching any conclusion they think being a critic and figure out outcomes and hence make any necessary changes to the plan before finalizing.

C.Interpret:- They understand the body language of the market and hence act react accordingly.

D. Decide:- The above said exercise is all waste if the decision is not taken at a fast pace. Hence they decide  and become first in the market. For Eg. Tata Sky came first in the DTH market and hence they are the obvious leaders similar to Airtel in Telecom they were the first and hence they gain easy First Position.

E. Align:- Maximum consensus can stamp the final decision a strategic thinkers never waits for the 100% Ayes. If the leadership waits for it the organisation has to pay for it.

F. Learn:- The strategic thinkers always learn from mistakes made in the past and they never repeat the same mistakes. Hence they learn from day to day activities hence they grow up as Successful individual and a Professional.


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