6 Terrible Reasons to Leave Your Job

Are you frustrated and want to get out of the workplace where you crazily want to get in, this phase of life comes for many of us but the situation is not good for an Individual at a personal level as well at a Professional level. Now these situations should be dealt with utmost care because haste decisions may worsen the situation as the new territory new company has even more bad work culture as compare to current one and you end up no where. Now the question comes What to Do in such Situation? Below are the answers.

It is good to dive into the sea of opportunity but a good diver knows the depth of water in which he is Jumping in. If you have solid reasons like ones mentioned below you can always think of moving further in you career. So here are those reasons which lead you to leave your job:-

Company/Work Culture

You made a move to a company where you are unable to fit into the work culture of the company it is a usual company for any outsider to adjust into the work culture of a new environment but it is for a short span of time. But for some of them it is a bit longer and for some unfortunate ones they are unable to mould into work culture and here you start missing your previous company. This is usually phenomenal for those who are of reserve nature. Who are unable to make space in mind of the new boss or find space in between the pre existing groups of office colleagues. It is better either to fit into the new environment or else leave and move out, It is ultimately good for an individual who loves his job but hates his environment. It is better to operate out the ailing part as compared to bear the pain forever.


Sense of Getting Unrecognized

If you are expecting a praise from someone or justification by a precious title. It is a case of low self-esteem. It is a sense of seeking approval for your goals to be achieved makes the matter worse. It is better to focus on your job what you want rather than what others think of it and about you. And if you find that the supervisor is not willing or not going to enhance your role. Look for role outside the organization. After all the self esteem is the most important asset of a human being and world is driven basis it. So keep the flag high fly of yourself.


Boredom at Work

This is most sadistic things which happens at job. Boredom immediately impacts productivity, dedication, innovation, team cooperation and finally the atmosphere of the organization as a whole. So start looking for faster ways to complete your job. Take interest in others project if you have finished yours and bring innovation into work. If these things are not happening look for role change within the organization if this also is not happening I suggest to look for a job change then.



None or negligible Chances of Being Promoted

Keep yourself engaged into various projects of the department and obviously Smart work always beats the hard work. So keep focusing on how thing be done in a better, smarter and faster way without impacting the overall quality of work. Believe me If not hard work but smart work surely pays off well and probably you get promoted due to your dedication and being a value additions to the project.


Desire Desire and Desire—Its not all about Money Honey…

I don’t mean to work for peanuts but as the saying goes “Tajmahal was not built in a single day it took 22 Years to Complete it” same follows for the money, growth, relationship and love it grows with the time. Some time you need to give life a second chance or may be a chance. And set a stipulated but justified time attached to the chance. And if things don’t happen according to it you can probably look for other options. The biggest challenge here in giving life a second chance point is we usually give the stipulated time to achieve something according to the standards set by the most successful people around you. It is a wrong approach some folks are ahead of time may be they got multiple chances, or due to luck, or due to some other reasons. Set the stipulated time as I suggested above for achieving a goal an average of how much time average pupils around you took to achieve. But wait another thing here is if you are still unable to achieve a particular position in your stipulated time you shouldn’t get frustrated give life a second chance re-plan your career objectives with new timelines.


You Committed a Terrible Mistake!!!

I think this situation should be treated with “So What Mind-set” it doesn’t mean that you don’t learn from it if the learning is not understood from the mistake it is considered as making ground for repeating the same mistake again. Mistakes are the Tendency of Human Behaviour and one more saying I want to quote here which says “If you are not committing Mistakes – You are Slow”. Speak to your manager and to his manager and try to find out which could be done better now to make sure that the mistake becomes a learning for others to follow. Discussion makes you and your manager feel relieved and it never becomes a point to taunt you at work. “Mistakes are Inevitable but Learning’s makes them Evitable”. But in case if you are unable to carry the burden of mistake in the company you can always look for moving out. There is nothing wrong it. There is no word  called Guilt in corporate world. You are trying to build a business for the company to make company perform better in this journey you made some decisions which didn’t went well. It doesn’t much matter because the intentions were right.

Hope this has made some of my readers relieved who are currently under one or the other situations. What you did to avoid any one of these situations. Share your experiences how you dealt with such situations.



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