7 Traps of a Product Review Post

7 Traps of Product Review Post
Writing a Review post considered one of the best ways to earn your place as a respected blogger in blogging arena. It is a way bigger responsibility for your towards your readers as based on your reviews, readers build perception about a product. Be ultra cautious in approach while writing a positive or negative review feedback for any product. Hence I am here with this post which will save you as a blogger from many mistakes which I consider traps while writing a product review post. The reason this post is important for you because a single wrong product review post has ability of jeopardizing your whole online reputation. With these 7 traps probably you can bring the best as a reviewers ultimately saving your readers quality and precious time. We are going to take up both positive and negative review posts as these posts are the only one which readers really put eyes on neutral feedback reviews should be avoided unless necessary. First chances of readers looking at a neutral feedback is minimal and second neutral feedback review post is considered that writer is unable to adjudge the product himself. Unable to adjudge message is something I am sure you never want to pass this message to your readers.

1. Established Product Review:-
Don’t be Afraid to write a review about an established or most loved products/brand, stay unbiased and adjudge the product from your own eyes and mind. Review word itself means to look at a thing again and analyze it. If you have a different feeling about a product be free to share it. May be you are on the verge of writing a controversial post but that doesn’t mean that you feel afraid of backlash.

2. Clarity in Expression:-
Expression should be clear and should have now ifs and buts because if you are not clear with the features that you are reviewing about the post will say your low confidence. And I recommend it is better to move ahead and look for other products and not reviewing something you are not aware of.

3. Open Comparison and Benchmarking:-
Don’t be afraid of comparing or mentioning other product names and features as it is a good sign that you know the vertical of products and all its versions. Usually when review is made the benchmark should ideally be the earlier version of its product as well other competition products in the market. And competition product and its name should be named openly while you are reviewing. Because it is a mindset that while reviewing if you say A product in hand is not good then a B Company Product it reflects your bias towards B company which is never a case. Because your readers who are your final judge may have an idea of the earlier versions and Product B as I said in above example. And then can build and image about the Product A if they have a bench mark in hand.

4. Image:- Usually reviews are of two types ones which you read through many experience of people and presenting your perception about a product. Second is you have a handson experience and you started reviewing the product. In both the types of reviews image plays an important role and if you don’t have an image review is neither complete nor it is clear for the user. As the image of a product can help users find many products and they can easily relate to which product company bran you are going to talk about.

5. Reviews are different from Affiliate Marketing:- Never mix your reviews with affiliate products as it destroys your image as a responsible blogger. Reviews are written from an unbiased platform and you don’t have monitory interest from the products or brand. Whereas affiliate marketing is not unbiased and you sometimes push a product as like reviews to your readers. Which is a big mistake and should always be avoided.

6. Minor line between Criticism and Negativity:- As i said in one of my point where in you should always remain unbiased while writing a review post. There is a minute difference between criticism and negativity. Negativity is a biased opinion in which a blogger sometimes crosses the border of criticism and goes into a danger zone of negativity. Where in he puts every negative point to make sure the product or brand image is tarnished. And once you are being heard by 100,000 people in your feed subscription you have to be ultra cautious while writing every single review post. As more and more people are hearing you more and more your words are put under the scanner of perfectionism. And at such a high focus point you cannot afford to lose due to a single wrong recommendation.

7. Genre of Product Reviews:- Suppose you are a tech blogger and the people who are in your reader list or are following you are eager to listen about what you have to say on the upcoming WordPress update. Not the review about a travel destination and ways to reach in that place and best time to visit. If you have stuck with a particular genre of reviews do follow it forever for that blog or build a new site where in you can put in such random review post.

I consider reviews as the stepping stone of Affiliate Marketing and if you want to learn art of Affiliate marketing first get hold of Reviews. Write at-least 30-50 reviews before jumping to affiliate marketing. I will surely cover a whole post on reviews and affiliate marketing and do’s and dont’s with comparison. How you keep yourself unbiased while writing a review post?

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