Apps to Spice up your Twitter Experience

Best Wishes to Twitter on Achieving 500 Million Users milestone, hence making it Second Largest Social Networking Site after Facebook. Here in this post lets talk about the apps which will make your twitter experience more happening and better.

Follow a Conversation:-

You can follow the conversation between your friends or your favourite celeb. Hop on to conweets and just type twitter handles or select from the list of people you follow.

Hashtag Chat:-

If you are following a certain hashtag log on to tweetchat which can make your life easy. Sign in box gives you a chat room environment enlisted with the latest tweets coming in. And every tweet you type in dialogue box will be attached with the said hashtag.

Twitter Search:-

Twitter default searching tool is not that efficient hence these tools will solve purpose. Twinitor is great for searching for the latest tweets based on a word, phrase, hashtag or a user. Snapbird offers more customized search options, such as looking through another user’s timeline or favourites, your friend’s tweets, tweets mentioning you, or your direct messages.,

Photo Finder:-

From Celebrity moments to delicious food pictures, twitter is used by many people to share the photos they have just clicked if you want to search for photos thudit is the best option you have got.

Shorten a long Message-

This tool is a super app for those folks who find it a bit difficult to shorten a long message into 140 character limit of twitter. This tool is called 140it can make you message go in less characters despite it looks a bit grammatically wierd but atleast you are not compromising with your thoughts.

Tweet Scheduler:-

This one is I think the best tool for busy folks who wants to be virtually present in tweeter through the day. With this you can make your tweet schedule later making you virtually present on twitter through out the day.

Poll your followers:-

Pollowers lets you ask questions from your followers and lets them vote on it. Pollowers lets you write a questions gives you options and set a duration for polls to close. The tweet will ask your followers to reply with the option they like, narrowing down choices.

Fav user in your Inbox:-

Digestly solves your problem of many people you following and hence missing some tweets from your favourite folks. Your favourites tweets will be sent on your inbox as digest daily weekly or monthly.

Share a file:-

Share a file like Doc, MP3, ZIP or file of any other format can be shared on twitter. Just go to twitfile, sig in and share any of the files with your twitter buddies.


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