Argentina Vs Venezuela or Circket Vs Football

We have heard so much about Argentina Vs Venezuela Match recently and craze of there Ace Player Lionel Messi. The Fans of Argentina in India may not be aware of Argentina and its Geographical Location on Map but they know much about the Argentinian Team and Player Messi. This is called World Game and football is long treated as the game which every part of the globe plays it may be Africa, Europe, or Asia. I just being made aware of the fact that 200+ Countries play football, figure itself explains the coverage of this game and the popularity. I am not writing this post to show enimity or affinity with Football or Cricket but I wish to remove this enimity from the minds of all of us for a Game or against a Game. Why we are just stuck to a single game? Why we still want a Single Team “Team India” to win every match and we are not bothered about others how they are doing.
I would really like all of us to go through this link . You would feel proud of Indian Football Team History. I heard a news recently about a famous football player of India took self retirement due to his injuries. We all know he is not hurt by his physical injuries but by the Eludance of People. In different forums Non-Cricket Players heard saying that their game is not nurtured as there.
Now what is the solution?
Here are the stepwise Solution in my Perspective to rise the face of this game.
Step 1. FIFA which is the governing body of football in World Considering the Area and People of India and love for sports as well as future Financial potential could start friendly matches between much sought after International Teams like Brazil-Argentina, Germany-France, England-Scotland like we had a successful match between Argentina-Venezuela.
Step 2. Start “India Football League” and be made Popular by taking help of Cricket Players as well after all they are also players and they can show the true spirit of Sports. Similar Gestures could be shown by other Famous Sports Personalities.
Step 3.This League requires World Class Infrastructure FIFA as a facilitator Encourage Public-Private Partnership to arrange funding and with support of Central and State Government required infra could be build on.
Step 4. In this Sponsors wouldnot be a problem as there are mutiple companies in India which are ready to support this game considering this International Appeal.
Step 5. This whole Activity requires efficient support of Indian Media (Both Print and Electronic Media). Without them this exercise couldnot reach the masses.
I am sure that similar right steps can raise the facets and the Destiny of many Games like football and sooner or later Sports World would also realise that till date they were missing 100 Billions of Talent and Trillions of Money from a Cricket Crazy Country.
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