Beat the Heat this summer with Iphone Apps

Summer is at its peak and kids are buried bore at home. Now to combat this challenge for kids boredom and parents trouble of how to make them Enjoy Apple Iphone is here with Apps specially for summer. Apps which can make your plans of Picnic, helps you packing things and gives your mummy options for cooking varieties to make your Picnic really special. Let us see with below apps how are we going to make Families enjoy this summer.

Picnic Recipes – for iPhone & iPad

This recipe techniques are all present in many apps accross all plaforms but Recipes specially tailor made for the Picnic is new thing. 5000 Rceipes specially for making your picnic spicy. Browsing available for Category, Name of the Recipe, Ingredients. Recipes segmented for Barbecues, Large Group of people are segmented so as to choose as per the requirement. Now are you ready with the Menu card for the Picnic.

Grill-It! XL – for iPad

This is another smart segmentation in the taste of tongue for those who are Interested for the Grilled Recipes. Other features of this app is Weekly updated with new and interesting recipes. Beginners and masters in Grill recipes both can have fun following and preparing the meals. Share recipes with friends, colleagues and relatives relatively easy.

101 Camping & Outdoor Recipes – for iPhone

Like in My Blog we have seen 101 Websites for Blogging Geeks. Same is followed by this app. They give all the options which are available for cook to enrich its expertise and experiment. We have seen Picnic app Grill it app but this app has done further segmentation they call themselves Caping and Outdoor recipes. Recipes are divided into Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Desserts.

Burger Recipes HD – for iPhone & iPad

This App must be interesting for our kids . Because kids usually love Burger and this app Carries a Jaw dropping 130 Burger Recipes!!! Other advantages that this app carries is every recipe is rated by the user. So by going through the reviews mummies are going to know which option to go for. Cooking tips on how to shape patties and pepp Grills are available. They have added an option where recipes can be shared on Facebook, Twitter or email so Mummies can even earn claps for that fantastic Burger recipe.

MeatTemps – for iPhone

While cooking Non Veg recipes big big challenge is to know when the meat is ready. That means to know what is the right temperature to which the meat needs to be cooked so it never ends up getting dissolved or sticky uncooked. This app takes care of this problem according to meat doneness the cook can know via this app to set the right temperature and duration for cooking. All the temperature and other suggestives are Based on USDA recommendation. App supports Fahrenheit, Celsius. Select the segment of meat and you are ready with the recommendations for right cooking. Easy Isn’t it?

uPackingList – for iPhone & iPad

Enough we talked about food, cooking and recipes. Now this app covers another challenge the Packing List picnics!!! Helps you create Packing oist for picnic trips. amusement parks many more. Inbuilt catalogue for 300 items to choose from which includes task you are supposed to complete before leaving home. Presents the packing progress so as to keep track of it and hence you are not missing anything for your picnic.


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