Best 5 Features of Apple’s New iPad


The First Thing of the five features that we are going to talk about will start from an important component of our eye sight called retina. So here is a new feature on latest ipad called as Retina Display. They also call this technology as Resolutionary. 


 Retina Display

Retina Display has four times pixels more than the previous IPad2(1024*768 at 132 ppi image{pixels per inch}) the result is razor sharp images text and colours. The configuration of this new Ipad is 9.7 Inch touchscreen display with 2048*1536 pixels resolution. To understand the advantage of this much pixel resolution makes on the clarity of the screen could be understood by the fact that an Average High Definition TV is of 1920*1080 pixels. Imagine the clarity this Ipad will have if you watch Movies, Sports Channel or while reading newspaper. The display comes with 3.1 million pixels spread across screen and 264 Pixel per inch (PPI). Pixels are so nearby the human eye cannot differentiate the individuals at a normal viewing distance. Apples Engineering has also made the pixels separate at a different plane so the quality of image wont suffer.

 Another delight of this device is Isight camera which is elaborated below I had a real delight in understanding how the apple engineering has come up with this great technology which makes shooting from a smart phone comparable to an SLR camera. Hence every click comes with an expert touch.


ISight Camera (5 Megapixel)

5 Megapixel Camera with Auto Focus Lens, backside imageillumination sensor which allows you to shoot videos at stunning 1080p HD Quality resolution. Autofocus makes your lens understands and focus 10 faces at a time. State of the art advanced optics to deliver the best picture with f/2.4 aperture & a five element lens. Captures light efficiently as SLR camera does hence delivering the best quality pictures. Camera also carries Video Stabilization and temporal noise reduction options.

 Now lets talk about the brain of this device. It is the only differentiator for a laymen user because what the user wants is speed and the speed can only be enhanced by improving the processor but the real challenge is to make the battery survive this increasing needs of processor and not to make the smart phone work like a desktop. Read Ahead


 A5X Processor


Action packed Dual Core processor carrying better performing A5 Chip blended with imagepowerful A5X Processor chip. Supports Quad Core graphics and able to drive four times the pixels of Apple Ipad2. Despite Apple not yet reveal that the processor is dual core only claims that A5X processor is 4X powerful than the NVIDIA’s Tegra3 in rendering the graphics. Despite this high performance hoho processor Apple is able to maintain 10 Hours Battery life.

Looking for a Assistant/Secretary to type your long letter to board of directors or to respond to a clients requirement justifying the product and its features. Read below how your search stops here.


This is a news of great importance who are bored of writing on the screen and wants to imagedictate someone who can write on behalf of them. Don’t worry need not to hire a secretary and burn a hole in your pocket. But yes your apple comes with this feature. An icon appears on the virtual keyboard screen which is like a microphone icon as depicted on the screen shot attached left. Once pressed icon can help you to browse web, writing email, sending text, or creating a note. Also the dictation could be given for Facebook updates as well as twitter updates.

Now the buzz of the town everybody talks about 4G LTE/HSPA/DC_HSPA/HSPA+/3G which device supports all these features. Answer is waiting for you below.



The new IPad supports the Ultra-fast and super fast Cellular network 4G LTE. So the users are allowed to browse at blazing fast speed, stream videos, downloading content with flash of an eye. Apart from 4G LTE it supports 3G networks like HSPA+/DC-HSPA and up to 21.1 Mbps with HSPA+. First time Apple Ipad comes with a personal hotspot feature. With this user can now establish a connection with up to 5 devices to share the internet speeds. Users can now connect the device over the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB.

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