Best 5 Free Android Apps for Busy Mums

Are you a busy mum dealing in between your kids, Husband, Career, Home, In Laws, Relatives, House Maids etc. etc. etc. Android is here to share some of your troubles. Now the question is how an App can save time of a Busy Mum. So below are the description How and the biggest deal is that they are all FREEEE!!!!! Isn’t it Interesting read ahead…..

First in the List is the Solver of Daily Challenge that Every Mom Faces. Variety in food.

Recipe Search

There are many Android Apps which are of related Genre but this specific has somethings which are different. Firstly it is free, the GUI is designed at its best and merathon 70K recipes ready to be served. You have to just type the Ingredients for the Intended recipe and this will do the rest of Job (Not the Cooking!!!) jokes aside it gives you only the releavent searches. SO Busy mums gone are those days which made you be stucked up with the recipe books. 
Now the second challenge which this apps helps you come out of is “You are in Super Market and you are confused what to make or sometimes don’t know What Different you are Going to cook Today” this app is handy in the situation like this. You can create, share tips and tricks and self Innovated Cooking recipes.

Our Groceries

Second in the Free List of apps for Busy Mums. Helps in Enlisting Groceries required. Create List, categorize store wise and share with other family members on the way to another store. Now this app has a advantage over other apps as this creates the list of Groceries required for the recipe just entered by the user. Hence the Busy moms now can hunt for the required groceries with the recipes in hand. The changes made in the list is with in a second updated to other synched family members phone or Internet browser. The groceries already purchased can be marked and the same would reflect to other synched phones. Clean and clear User Interface makes it a must have app in Mum’s Android Phones.


Third Free Android App is a handy tool for those moms who are smart shoppers. Lets see ahead How?

If you click on the picture of the Product Bar code the App decrypts the code, Hunt for the product and available deals on the checked product online  This is not the requirements only of Moms but also other people who want to buy products cheap and hassel free way. This particular app is awarded by Gizmo as One of Best Barcode Based App of the World. So be the Best use the best…

Cozi Family Organizer

Lets see what this app has special for us. First is Free now what next. 
Good apps for busy moms whose biggest trouble is family planner. How to schedule the Family time? problem is solved by this app. Right from Family Journal, Shopping, To-Do lists could be created, Organized and shared along with calendars so everyone is synched to the schedule accordingly, Afterall mums are the power house of the family. This app send family members the reminder for coming events through mail and SMS Text. The Biggest attraction of this App is compatiblity with both MAC and Pc. So Family is now not going to miss any events also without making mums stressed to remember everything and reminding everybody. So Mums here is your another best Bet.
So here comes the final blow to the worries of all working busy mums. 

First Aid Apps for Emergency Situation. It gives required instruction at the time of emergency situation. Imagine a situation when the kids are home alone and you are out and they get a cut on elbow while playing. This app will guide them how to treat the wound and stop blood and dressing technique. Also while you are cooking got small burn due to a hot oil drop. The app will help you treat and the fastest way to make the wound recover. Isn’t it handy. Another situation may be faced by elderlies at home they feel breathlessness the app will help them get hold of the breath and recover while you are on way back. 
This app covers various medical emergencies and can prove as life saver for family members while you are away.
The list is only of five can you suggest more such apps which are Similarly helpful. Rush in your comments below and do feed me back with your suggestions on improving this Blog.

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