Bird Watching: Healthy Hobby

In our childhood we read many books may lessons of life came out of those books. One lesson came recalling in my mind few days back is Bird Watching. In our busy life we have no time for nature and life. But if you recall few lessons of your childhood you can live much hassle free life and this we realize in our old age when either our body give up due to disease or we become stubborn to start a new habit. So question is why not to sprout a new good hobby at the beginning of life itself so we can adopt it and sustain it for life time.


Now coming to the topic birds is creature made by god to make human inspire that even small creations of bird can reach SKY then why not human. If you watch closely every bird inspire us to see ways to live-. Sparrow make its nest by conjoining feathers, leaves, grass, roots altogether. This bird teach us nothing is impossible and your dream could be recreated again and again just keep your patience and focus intact. Kingfisher bird makes its nest in the heart of tree by digging it with its peak. This tell us understand your strength and sheer raw power when utilized in a right direction could even make holes in the heart of a toughest tree. Bird Watching is a hobby which requires zero investment and also keeps you healthy. Only you require is Good Track shoes, Binoculars, Love for Nature and sense of learning from the creations of god. One Bird Breeding grounds is Okhla Birds Century…….

Okhla Bird Sanctury

There are many more similar to the one I mentioned in heart of capital of India. I mention one for each south, east and west India as even bird lovers should have an access to a near by prominent ones from every corner of the country.

East India:- Chilka Lake Bird Sanctury, Orrissa. Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary, Andhra Pradesh.
Chilka Lake Bird Sanctuary

West India:- Bharatpur Bird Sanctury, Rajashthan. Salim Ali Bird Sanctury, Goa.
Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary

South India:- Kumarakom Bird Sanctury, Kerala. Ranganthittu Bird Sanctury.

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary

There are plenty more but if you visit few of them interest to see more of them will increase. These birds with chirping sound makes you forget all the stress and makes you re-believe the finest joy of life. Enjoy Exploring…


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