Book Review:::3 Mistakes of my Life

Another shell from New Generation Indiana Novelist Chetan Bhagat. 3 Mistakes of my Life is an another First person novel written about easy to connect Indian Middle Class Family Boy. Whoes Life had many shades like a common Indian Boy. Some fair some creepy ones. He made some choices and as a Common Human Being he made some mistakes in his life. He considers it as Mistakes of Life. And as usual like a Frustrated fellow he tried to end his life and wrote a letter to his famous author.

Good thing about Chetan is owning the character owning and disowning the character in a story some times makes a good story awful. Because even best of the Novelist loose track while changing track from one character to another. Chetan handles it really very well, because as someone A you have some thoughts and visualization but immediately after a paragraph you turn into Mr B this transition from A to B and B to A is to be handled very carefully because if emotions gets mixed within characters the whole essence gets lost.

I think I give Chetan 10 out of 10 for this beautiful work, the novel cannot be rated as eye candy as it is a story about Indian Ambitious boy making choices about three Important things Cricket, Love and Religion and he screwed up. One thing seams missing is the weak character of Mother of the boy as Gujarati are the family people the weakness of mother’s character makes the clad make wrong decisions. The backstage of the single character gave a big turn to the whole story whereas if the character has been alive or I say vigilant the story would have taken a whole 360 degree turn and the life of the character would have been really easier.

The mess created by the mix of Politics, Religion, Love and Cricket in life of Middle class is inevitably visible. A good novel to go through and understand the common  mistakes we do in Life are not mistakes they are learnings and here ends the story of this book. A good eye opener and must be read of you want to see how things run fast around us without us being unaware.

Overall I give 7/10 to this book due to absence of universality, it is ok if you are not writing for everyone as a author as every book of yours cannot cater mass needs. Anyways a sharp thought process of this emerging Author of East well accomplished in this book.


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