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The Alchemist book despite the fact that is based in Spain and Egypt is able to connect with the reader as the points raised by the author faced by every human being on  earth. And this is the USP of this author as you need not be from Brazil(The author’s homeland)or Spain or from Egypt where the story originates/terminates/rolls.

But you need only the open eyes and the understanding of the thoughts of the author that he wants to communicate to his readers. The Alchemist is all about the boy which starts its journey from his home and
ends at home. Which concludes that everybody who is looking for the treasure outside somewhere is inside
or is nearby and we keep looking it somewhere far away. The joy of finding the real treasure is in journey of finding it and rather achieving the treasure. The real meaning of alchemist is someone who has can change any metal to gold. He has a philosopher’s stone as the owner of it never become old.

The Boy’s Journey of finding the treasure with help of alchemist and his conquest of him with himself is the core of the story and it is altogether a classic despite the fact that the book was wrote way many years back, but holds its relevance today in this era. The Best secret is the treasure is not a material it is part of our own soul. Still the boy within us is travelling only required is an able leader who else but our heart is the leader. Listen to your heart is one liner for this book. Few things which stuck inside will feel liberated from inside. Read and will get to know about it.

Enjoyed reading as it is class of its own. Must read for everyone…..


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