Book Review:::Immortals of Meluha and Secret of Nagas

It is a pleasure to write book review of a first time Author who was a Boring Banker turned Happy writer. Which shows the talent when hidden inside surely makes it way through when time is ripe. Writing a The book review on a national best sellers is like showing lamp to the sun. But cannot bear my readers miss a book worth reading. I feel fortunate to get hands on these books :- Immortals of Meluha & The Secrets of Nagas (the sequeal)
These two books are the two parts of three book storyline Shiva Triology.

Amish (Author) beside the fact that writing first book has successfully acheived these things:-

A. First made stubborn believes another way of looking at them.

B. Secondly ensuring a right balance on facts and fiction because any side would prove fatal as the book I would like to remind is written on a God turned faith which is followed by Crores across the Globe.

I want to appreciate the writer of well knitting the story well maintaining the interest through out. The action sequence are a bit longer sometimes and the description of places felt dragged sometimes but beside this writer has wrote with completely well handled the delicate story concept with ease.

The toughest task author handled well is of maintaining the legend of Shiva Sati Ganesh kartik etc gods which are believed.

The core of the story is imagining shiva as a human being resided 4000 years ago after the Ram Avatar of Vishnu coming in to complete the task of Sri Ram. He is portrayed rightly as per the belief as kind heart, Intelligent, emotional towards his followers but furious fighter against evil. Sati as his accompany well portrayed and reader will get to know many angles of her legend in the storyline.

Re portraying someone is difficult and Impossible if is connected to believes of common man but Amish has made it possible. Appreciate the name of thebook as it fits as go through. Compelling and action packed pages would keep you stick to the book until end.

The Immortals of Meluha and The secrets of Nagas has raised the expectation level for the writer and for sure my next book would be “The Oaths of the Vayuputras”.

The attractive cover photo is an eye catcher and am sure these books would break record of best sellers. Thanks again Amish for this Great work and appreciate you and your team successfully made us involved and part of the story of legendary Lord Shiva!!!



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