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I am a true enthusiast of book reading and hence my book collection is enhancing day by day. The reason I am writing this post is to share what I learnt things from these books which I feel worth sharing. Here is the list of books I read since a year:-


A. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

B. Immortals of Meluha: Shiva Triology by Amish

C. Secrets of Nagas: Shiva Triology Part 2 by Amish

D. Fish by

E.  Whale Done! by Ken Blanchard

F. The Wings of Fire by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

G. The Monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma


These were the 6 books I read since March 2011 the common thing about these books is that they are number one Inspirational books by legendary authors(If you see books written Amish is also a kind of Inspiration) and secondly these books develops an attitude of the reader towards situations of life. As one of the saying goes that the Human life is heaven or hell usually 5% dependent on situation and 95% on how you react to it. So reaction towards the situations of life is important because we all know how to live a normal or happy life but we get angry, unhappy and depressed with few twists and turns facets of life. so such external forces (these books) makes you a bit prepared in reacting to these situations. Because the 95% is dependent on us but we get ourselves stuck in thinking about the 5%. Hence we miss 95% of the enjoyment of life.

Now coming back to these novels, inspirational books, management books and the Autobiographies:- I don’t consider the book of Amish as a religion specific book despite the fact its main character is Lord Shiva. Because this book in its beginning stated that thousand years back Lord Shiva is common man and these books carries us to the Journey of Shiva becoming the Lord Shiva. Hence I see this book as life of a common man like us and his reactions to various situations of life which made him Lord.

The “Alchemist” is again about a common boy who is a shepherd and how he understood the essence of life, the main idea of this book is the treasure we are hunting outside is inside us so the direction of focus in finding the treasure of life should be focussed towards inner self rather than outside. Same goes with “Monk who sold his Ferrari”

Fish, Whale done kicks you up with a hint of comedy to drive your soul towards focussed life and also provides you a new spectacles to see life at. Things I liked much about these books are the way they communicated the message of living life to the fullest and hence forgetting about those things which are not in your hand and focussing on those on which you can make a difference. This attitude first gives you a new zeal a new outlook towards life and also helps you deal with real life challenges which we face daily in our professional and personal life. Fish philosophy says a customer centric approach is the core of success in your professional life and enjoying your every moment of the day makes you live life cheerfully. The whale done gives you the teaching that how appreciation makes all the difference in your workplace and home. Because appreciation makes the listener feel firstly he grabbed the attention of the speaker and hence drive him to achieve further more and also that his work is recognizable and hence will think about ways of improving it. I loved this point because it works both at kids, wife and other family member back home as well as it works fine with your senior and juniors at your workplace. But the point to be understood in this book is the difference between Appreciation and Flattering.

Now coming to autobiography of legendary Indian Scientist Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam here in this book Wings of Fire the author has explained how anyone with the strength like a rock and dedication to be successful in life can rise to any level in life. The author Ex-President of India has honestly portrayed his rural background and his family and financial situation in childhood and how he struggled to study and in journey being influenced by a Hindu Priest, A Christian father, and the energy he inherited from the mosque in his street. It portrays the Colourful picture of the India and how the person if given an opportunity can rise from helm to sky. Many times in his journey of excellence he faced the rough ride of life but with his sheer dedication, honesty, guidance of Fathers of Indian Space technology like Prof. Sarabhai and Satish Dhawan he made Agni. This book in hindi is translated as Agni ki Udaan. The book is worth archiving so you never feel bored reading anytime again again and again.

These books I have archived now will surely share books I am going to read in coming days.



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