Celebrating 10K Visitors….A Passing by Thought

It is a real nice feeling to make people read your thoughts without actually be present with them. In this Blogging world there are many masters and I as a new bee give tribute to each one of them for making me don’t be faced out from this arena. Blogging which I started for fun has become my serious hobby and I got passionate about I never felt it all happened. It is really tough to make people read your document through for about a minute and my stats are saying I am not doing that bad at all. The scope is huge and obstacles are high but keeping my head up is the only way through which I reached here and I am sure a day will come soon when I will surely share news of 1 Lac Visitors. As a mood of festive season is picking up with this year saying slowly good bye to all of us. A new hope a new day a new year a new sun is what I am looking at. There are many promises to keep some small some big, but

I will never give up I will never fall back that Is what I can promise to my dear passionate readers. Thank you for being with me for such a long time. Tough Competition and high standards are the Immediate challenges but maintaining good work is the single thing that I have in Mind always. I rather write good stuff or rather not to write rather is the only option I can think about. Hard work and good luck is not the only difference between you and others in this Industry it is also a Inner voice which keeps you awake through out the night writing one or the other things. The time is tough with the advent of Penguin and Google Update it is getting tougher to be another Mashable or a LifeHacker or a labnol or a Shoutmeloud. But I am sure Telecolumnist has a big way ahead what I require only your good bad ugly comments against my post.

You know I realised one thing after becoming a blogger which I didn’t felt much when I was only a reader. There is a lot of work behind every post on a Blog and a lot of Effort of the writer is in place which Builds a 300-1000K word post so thinking this effort in mind. I always post a comment while reading some or the other things on other website. A comment gives a acknowledgement to a writer that he is been read and a toast to his effort in building that content may be a good bad ugly in reader’s perspective. There are many mistakes as a reader we can understand, it is a common understanding that when you stand as third party you do a better judge to a situation.

Sometimes soon I am going to come up with few new things in my Blog which I am not mentioning here because it is injustice to promise I made to my self for surprising my readers in my own way. I will disclose soon but it will be a real fun believe me.

I am more than happy, honored and humbled as a Content developer that my work is acknowledged by visitors of my Blog. I may not be best one when you are on net searching for content but I assure you if you visit the site I can provide you the Solution whatever you feels are not present anywhere. 10K Visitors a Big Salute to you all everyone and Best Wishes and thanks for reading……Be in touch you can drop me a mail, ping me on Blog or tweet me in Twitter. I am present there waiting eagerly for your comments, feedback and Suggestions.


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