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Cloud Computing topic I wrote and drafted but before posting it the draft got deleted accidentally. Now again I am writing it As this topic is most sought after these days on the web. Now to start the topic, the name Cloud was taken from the Telecom/Internet Architecture where the complete mesh connectivity between various nodes is denoted by a cloud. Hence the name Cloud Computing.
Requirement of the Cloud Computing?
The requirement of this technology was long felt when the Data Storage capability has increased but the resources are ideal until and unless they are queried by the End users. Hence the concept of the cloud computing says the End user Is provided with Computation, Data Access, Software and storage services without making the user remember the physical location of these. Hence Optimizing and cost saving of the organization. The role of the End User is just like a Electricity customer as without information of the efforts behind making the electricity available he switching the button on and off to use. Best advantage is increasing the capacity without investing in new infra, personnel and software.

History of Cloud Computing?

Amazon after the Dot Com bubble failure started the development of cloud computing by modernizing Data Centers as the existing setup was able to use below 10 percent of the available capacity at a time.  Key Improvements in Cloud architectures were due to the following:-
1. Internal Efficiency Improvement.
2. Improvement by Small Teams.
3. Fast Small Teams of Techies called as Two Pizza Teams. Teams Eating more than two Pizza are bigger is the new concept coined.
Eucalyptus Launched in 2008 was the first Open Source Amazon Web Service(Based on Utility Computing) API for initiating private clouds. Open Nebula launched in same year by Russia has deployed private and hybrid Clouds. Ultimately Open Stack Launched last year was the most in demand open source software with 100+ Partner Companies and 1000+ Codes in a Year.


The Layers of Cloud Computing and description of them are as follows:-
A. Client                       The End User
B. Application               Software
C. Platform                   Holds the Complete Cloud Computing Software Part Use Application
D. Infrastructure            ReSources available to Purchase by the clients.
E. Server                      Multi-Core Processors, Operating System

Deployment ways or Types of Clouds?

A. Public Cloud                                      
B. Community  Cloud                          
C. Hybrid Cloud                                     
D. Private Cloud                                    

Challenges are many front of Cloud Computing like Privacy, Compliance and Legal, Security to count a few of the Issues which needs resolution to make it more successful and long lasting.

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