Competition on Pizza Pan

In Indian market many companies are gearing up to grab as much market share and trying everything to make sure they reach the heart of Indian Taster Buds and Enjoy maximum share, but the main concern is Pizza with the name itself is far off for any Indian residing at a B class city or C Class city if we keep aside the A Class city and people who have huge exposure to Great Great Great Indian advertising Industry.

So this is the challenge for Pizza companies the companies who are still in Great Italian Panorama it is a wake-up call if you want to capture the tummy of a middle class B City dweller you need to first understand his pocket. Because the requirements in India are defined by the pocket. Despite the aggressive marketing by Credit card companies and personal loan offerings the Indian mentality still lies in the size of the pocket and they never believe in spending beyond the pocket. Considering this fact pizza companies need to cut slice the rate of there current offering. Because it is still very costly as compare to other food beverages.

The 1+1 pizza offer would rock well in every city so need to make any changes in this offer. The advertising of the pizza is still very English need to change the advert style as per the target group. Next point of importance which can come up in the city and why small city is applicable for every company in every city town of the county- The Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives which is still missing in India needs to be addressed. These companies need to make people understand the magnitude of employment opportunity this sector holds and the difference it could make to masses of this country.

These are the key Ingredients for success of this sector and the well being of these companies and the country.


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