Content Marketing Vs Concept Marketing

Content Marketing Vs Concept Marketing
With the advent of Online Entrepreneurship many people rose to a level of being a Business Baron and they share the know hows how to get the things done. Or how to turn the world around you, but before you read and carry out such suggestions or any suggestion even suggestions of my blog. You should self analyze whether will it be applicable at your business or your time. Because with the fast changing world getting consumer attention for your services offering is difficult and getting nearly impossible. But one thing I understood over a period is content marketing is not the right approach anymore and should be kept at back seat. The pilot now is Concept marketing, I will enlist few methodologies of Concept marketing and the ways to set up it. Content marketing is short sighted approach to market your Online Business.

Why Content Marketing is Short Sighted Approach and Why to keep it a Back seat in your Marketing Strategy?

Content marketing is once the content is released for Search Engine crawlers and readers to move through. Webmaster promotes the Content across web through “Social Networking sites”, Forum, PPC Campaigns or other promotional strategy. But in this approach your own blog takes a backtrack because people remember the content for a short period because the concept couldnot be rewritten and lasts for a longer span of time.

Concept Marketing and How it could be driven?

As per me Concept marketing is building your own voice between a mob of people pitching in there own contents on Google. So if you want to be heard in between the mob of voices you have to be clear stagnant and different in thoughts. Your base of understanding could be same as hundred thousand other people but the way you put it in front of audience should be different. The difference created between a great marketer and a marketer is not difference of opinion. But the presentation of opinion and clarity of thoughts. There could be hundred other definitions of Content and concept marketing. But the definition I am presenting in front of you is the one I think is the best and is the only way to go about. It may be right for few and wrong for many others but as a webmaster you should be ready for criticism and should be flexible enough to accept mistakes. SO if you can present and impress with your own ideology as per me you are marketing your concept not the content.

Content readers will come and may go by but the concept readers will standby and will connect with you to reject or accept the idea out-rightly. Content is salable but concept is a permanent marking in the minds of people. I give you an offline example of content and concept. Are you aware of similarities in between Cadbury, Nirma and Maggi. The only similarity is they didn’t the build brand of chocolate or detergent or a noodles. But they are identity for that whole set of customers who use them and are fan of them. So even if we visit a shop you will ask for Nirma or Maggi or Cadbury in place of its product line. So this is called concept marketing. The difference which creates a concept is long lasting and disallows any competition. So you need not to worry about the marketing because people are looking for and actually waiting for the updates. Whereas if people liked only the content the lasting relation is impractical and will not actually sustain for long.

Over to you
Content can make you lead for some time but for long time benefits and establishing a brand you have to change stance to concept of marketing. So which set of marketing you implement for your online business? If you liked this article do share it with your Facebook and twitter friends. If you have further questions you can connect to me through facebook, twitter and google plus. Along side with you can comment or can ping me at mohit[at]


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