Digging into the ASR Concerns further

I have tried to dig further into the issue of ASR depletion because this concern is daily faced by the Core Telecom Professional in his day to day life. May be my experience helps you further in looking at some issue in a different perspective.

The Black and White of ASR Depletion:-

A. Hunting Sequence:- Decides which CIC Switch is going to allocate calls to. If the Hunting sequence of one switch is odd to Even and other switch has also selected odd to even. Next fine morning you will see disaster in the switch report in terms of ASR. My preferred choice is to select Ascending at one end and Descending at another end to eradicate any possiblity of dual Seizure in the connectivity.

B. Cross Connection:-  Ensure there is no probablity of cross connection in any of the E1s by using Monti if it is a Ericsson switch or by Putting trace if the connectivity is Huawei/ZTE or by routing the call on Each E1. Because this cause is usually ignored while working out on the ASR issue and it has 25% times it is found to be an issue.

C. Voice Quality:- By testing calls or by monti another point which should be checked is the voice quality because it also gives us a big time beating the bush and found to be a voice quality issue on one of the Electrical E1s usually electrical E1s fluctuates and pops up this issue.

D. TG Congestion:-  Wherever the issue of congestion is present ASR bears the biggest hit on that route so please please please act on the TG’s whose Traffic utilization is reaching 65-70% so once it reaches 80-85% you are ready with your media and configuration to bring back the utilization to 55-60%.

E. Use Optical E1s as much as you can specially for the POI as the Inter Operator connectivities are worst hit with low ASR and it is a big trouble for you to identify and fix the issue. Electrical E1s should be avoided.

F. Signalling Congestion/Fluctuation:- At my some particular TGs I have done every trouble shooting as above mentioned but I didn’t checked on the Signalling the other operator has routed my another level on this signalling and my voice calls are facing big time connecting as signalling is either congested or fluctuating.

G. One Way TG over Both Way TG:- If you want to ask me the Brahmastra of eradicating the Dual seizure or low ASR issue in your switch. I will suggest to route Incoming and Outgoing on separate routes. I understand the increasing complexity in terms of routing and level definition and traffic balancing but it will completely solve the ASR issue from your Network if you route the traffic on different routes.


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