Don’t be Fished by Phishing..

Phishing is a great challenge these days for banks, credit card companies customers, antivirus antiscam software. The phising mails show themselves as the bank itself asking for your details like user I’d password or they ask you to log in to a fraud site similar to your bank website and once you enter these details. Your details are hacked and would empty your bank account or do non stop shopping through your credit card and you would find yourself looted online. These phishing mails have following types:-

1. Open attachment type: these mails ask you to open a file which is an encoded trojan horse which would first capture your bank data from your online history and would then eat up your pc as well and you end formatting your pc and till that your savings would vanish.

Remedy:- pls donot open such attachements from unknown verify the authenticity and then open unknown attachment.

2. Click on link type:- they show themselves on mail as your own bank and ask you to login in fraud bank website after capturing your user I’d and password they would eat up your account.

Remedy:- For such type of phishing mails some banks like ICICI and kotak etc have adopted one time password facility. Actual Bank website sms you a password on your registered mobile to login. But still i suggest not to click on unknown links as your credit card is most unsecured  to this type of threat and bank never sends such type of mail. Do check with bank call centre of any such mail before opening the link. Do check for 128 bit secured icon at bottom right of internet explorer while transaction.

3. Send account details type:- once upon a time they were like biggest challenge these mail are reducing now due to bank making banking users more aware and alert. They give the fish net that they have won million dollars and to send money they need to provide account details or a old lady wants to share her million worth with you so pls send your account details. Don’t ever reply to such mails.

Remedy:Never send any details to these unsolicited mails. Never respond to such mails.

There may be many such fishing nets on internet so be an able swimmer to avoid being caught by phishing.

Million worth is not earned overnight. It takes hundreds of over night lamps burnt to get them.


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