Employee Engagement in Organisations

Increasing need of employee engagement in the organisation is critical factor in assessing the long term and short term organisation and individual goals.

Which Organisational goals?
Goals are Employee sustainability, worker productivity, whistle blowing for the task not performed in unsafe manner, profitability and innovation. These all could be achieved if the employees are geared to accept and accomplish every challenging task with perfection.

Which Employee Goals?Every Individual has a career aspiration a goal in life to achieve but he loose focus in his daily work and ultimately ends up being a frustrated employee with least productivity and lots of negativity. To avoid this following steps could be taken by an organisation. Career counselling, sports and cultural meets, CSR engagements, open forum for employees to discuss HR related concerns, medical and emergency facilities, family get together, rewards and recognition.

Both Employee and Organisational Goals are like 2 hands and a handshake or achievement is not possible if these 2 hands don’t meet. So we need to make 2 hands Employee and Organisation Goals meet…..


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