Endless Source of Energy:-Solar Energy

Friends this Topic is one of my favourite topic. I can talk endless on this topic.

Sun is a source which is giving uninterrupted light and energy to earth since many many million years. This source is a endless source of energy which can make a Bulb glow A Turbine motor move a Geyser to Warm Water. A Tremendous power that can do wonders for the tasks which are that still being done by the Diesel Petrol Coal and Wood.

This Power could be used by any one any amount as much as he wants.

Now coming to the basics of functionality. The battery which stores this energy is via a Silicon plate which have electrons with in it which gets excited due to the SunRays hitting the surface of the Silicon Plates and hence charging the battery and now the battery is ready to perform any task done by any non-renewable source run machines.

Such a clean fuel with huge potential only require a bit of awareness in masses and subsidy from government encouraging people of using this non stop energy source.

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