Factors Affecting ASR and CSSR and Solution

We are talking about the ASR and CSSR here, from my previous posts we understood:-

A. What is ASR and CSSR? – Refer CSSR and ASR::Core KPIs of the Telecom Mobile Network

B. How they are Interrelated to each other? – Refer CSSR and ASR::The Interlink

Now lets concentrate on the factors affecting these two Core KPIs:-

CSSR as we have understood is the Call Setup Success Rate are dependent on the following factors:-

A. Radio Channel Congestion:- If the channels are unavailable in the Up-link frequency of BTSs the CSSR will go down. The Um Interface or the Interface it is called

B. BTS-BSC-TRC-MSC Congestion:- If the mentioned route is congested the call success rate will reduce. BTS to BSC (Abis Interface), BSC to TRC (Ater Interface), BSC to MSC (A Interface) optimization is important to be tracked as they can also give a hit to CSSR.

C. Inter MSC/GMSC Congestion:- CSSR are major impacted by this type of congestion as this congestion if not addressed timely can lead to big impacts in Traffic Surge or Busy Hour.

ASR also affected by above mentioned impacts but along side to these factors there are also many factors which are beyond the control of Core Network:-

A. Customer Behavior:- The people do have a habit of making missed calls and hence it reflects the overall ASR of the network. Also it is a common observation that Metro Circle like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore have low I/C ASR because the migrant population usually get a missed calls from there base location which cannot be controlled.

B. Congestion Between CRBT-MSC link:-This I observed in those cases in which we had hard time beating the bushes resolving the concern related to low ASR and we observed that those customers which are activated on CRBT due to congestion the call goes unanswered as the call is disconnected by the CRBT server if the MSC asks it to play the Caller Tune and hence the ASR is dropped.

C. Wrong Routing:- if the level is not routed properly the ASR will show a steep fall as the call that needs to be routed to Tata is going on Airtel route anyways is getting failed because Airtel switch dont recognize the level and hence decremented ASR.

D. Overflow Definition:- This is also a unique issue that leads to decreased ASR in Peak hours the overflow is not defined properly leads to call failure in the Busy Hour.

There are many more other reasons of low ASR and CSSR but surely if you are able to fix these 7 points 90% issues are resolved.


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