Factors Affecting Google Page Ranking-66/200- Site Updates

Freshness in content is an important factor which determines site page ranking in the eyes of Google. So whenever a page ranking is determined only those sites come upper in the ranking which is actually coming up more frequently in top of charts of the search results. And the sites which are appearing higher in the search results are actually been updated most frequently. Hence when Google is looking at a website it always look at the way data is presented secondly it also looks at the frequency with which the content is update on the blog. Another thing which is actually determining page ranking is freshness . So when your site is updated more frequently it automatically appears higher on the search results and as many likes on the pager are there is a brighter chance that it also gets appeared brightly in social media. These all things actually builts online reputation of a website and thus also determines how it will proceed ahead in the popularity charts of readers.

Site updates should never be considered a new post but also be considered when you are enriching an existing post, so when you are on your website always think that how you can ensure the best experience of readers. Now how to deliver the best experience to the readers, these are the few pointers to enhance your expertise on this subject:-

A. Relook your previous Posts:- They are big indicators of view of yours towards readers and how further more they could be enriched to maintain interest over the period of time.

B. New Posts on a subject:- Pick a subject and write series of articles on it so as to make it a strong keyword towards your blog.

C. Comments:- When you write a post always make sure you answer to each and every question which is raised and discussed over your post. You may not know the answer to all of them but it is a beginning of discussion so it should never be broken.

D. Guest Post:- Always recommend and duly mention the source of your research as it also brings with it precious backlink.

Now as your can see that many a experience of bloggers may not match mine but if above 4 techniques are able to deliver fully your half battle is won. Now moving to other important points other than the above mentioned which is usually missed out.

A. Punctuation:- It is a common practice and a most common misunderstanding that even correction of punctuation or spelling mistakes of a post is considered site update. No it is not the case, as each and every movement of your blog is closely seen by Google hence these updates are actually of no use in terms of update. But surely improve reader experience.

B. Mentions:- Mentions in your post should be clear and should never be indicative as the same seams not as per Google norms and if updated later on wont help you with site update,

C. Half Bake Bread:- When you are writing a post there should be a clear conclusion of it else readers loose sincerity and hence impacts your overall return of efforts made. If these posts are later updated it actually looses its sheen and hence wont be considered a site update again, in place your this particular post results in loss of benefit’s readers. Now moving to next topic we are going to talk about pages how increase and decrease of them impacts your blog. And how to optimize them to get best results with this activity.


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