Finding Eureka!!! Moment

Since childhood it is a common question from all of us. What you want to be in Life?

Now I realised it is a right question but asked in wrong way. The question should be:-

What you want to do in life?

Because what you want to become is not in your hand and it is about something which is going to happen in future which is not under control. But what you do in life is under control and it is something we are talking about present.
Conquest of life is not about what you aspire or dream about. But finding your Eureka moment. 

The moment you realise what you meant to be here in earth. Half of your job is done now you will be driven by the virtue of this Eureka    and it will not let you sleep until you achieve it. And this is the essence of life.

Everyone on earth is born with a lamp which he needs to illuminate in the journey of life and if once illuminated the person is successful in any endeavour he does. Talk to yourself ask are you doing what you supposed to do or you want to do, I read it somewhere your self never lies. Ask a question you will get every answer here only. Finding something outside is the illusion man is born with and getting rid of this illusion is the Half Goal achieved.


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