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The Dance of democracy happening these days in one of the biggest state of the country but still the turn out trends are very discouraging. Despite multiple efforts from all around the corners of the society people are still hesitate or some what reluctant to live in a democratic country. Seams we have lost the faith on overselves that is the reason probably we don’t want to elect our representatives.
We should feel fortunate enough to be in a country and a society where the thoughts and thinkings are flying all around and even the harshest critics hug each other after polls. We are the judges of this such an important event and we are sitting ideally at home and watching Exit polls on news channels. Wont solve the purpose. I would say after the electoral reforms the next dire need of the country is voter reforms. Because if the voter is aware of the rights and duties I am sure the country has  a bright future ahead. Because the citizens know what would be the future of the state the country. 
Another most important reason of the people not coming up for polls is they are well settled in there easy lives if they are asked to not to post status update on facebook twitter whole day and cast the vote. The simple answer would be why should I what the hell my only vote counts in the sea of voters. But are we aware that only a single vote can make a wrong candidate win and right candidate can loose. A single vote can make a reelection in the country. Loss of another Billion. Are we ready for It? Self questioning is required from every Individual of this country as not participating in this Hawan of Democracy snatches your right to accuse this system, politics or corruption. A person sitting at sidelines could never be an umpire.
So Please do cast your vote it is your Birth Right and a Call of Duty towards the country. Dont miss and cry for another five years.
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