Hindi Music Industry::Upgrading Technology Degrading Quality

Hindi Music Industry had many phases facets and went through multiple changes in trends Genre and Technology Aspects. But here in recent times we have seen abrupt blast in the 2nd Class songs sung by 1st class singers and composed by 1st Class Musicians. If we go deep into it the trends, Genre and quality of music industry is always dependent on the taste of listeners.
“Jo Dikhta Hai wo Bikta Hai”
English Version:-
“Product which is visible sells”
Is an old saying in Sales and Marketing and it is a painful but a fact it is applicable on Hindi film Industry as well. I remember similar songs like Munni Badnam, Sheela ki Jawani and recent one Chikni Chameli which are chartbusters today in main stream cinema used to be a hit in regional music industry and the main stream music industry was considered to be a place where only sensible and meaningful song could be released. But seams either the main stream has got itself degraded itself to regional ones or the regional ones have got themselves upgraded to mainstream.

Let’s pray and hope that this year we won’t see any sheela getting jawan, munni getting badnam or chameli is chikni. We don’t want to know what is happening with these all. But we are more concerned about the long lasting fragrance of love, beauty, friendship, devotion and patriotism comes back to our cinema and our mindsets.


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