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Here I am not ONLY talking about the jobs only in Twitter but here I am in between you all to find out how Twitter can even land you in a good companies like HP, IBM, Oracle, Cisco. Now I love the state of mind which all my readers in and this state of mind which comes up with question HOW? Believe it or not but How has made this universe and made Human Being as the most Intelligent creature on this Earth. Coming back to the topic..

Job search for anyone it may be a fresher or a experienced is a big Issue for everyone, but can you believe that Social Networking is not only bringing your friends relatives near to you. But also bringing Big Companies near to their Mr. Perfectionist Candidate. Now how which is making you a bit Impatient has the answer below.

Major Companies like Cisco, Oracle, HP, Oracle and many more have created twitter profiles and through which they are posting job openings to these profiles and following this account can make you aware time to time about various Jobs in these companies most recent and by fastest means. Through twitter you can get to know first which company has posted profile on twitter and you may be the first few right candidates offered a job.

Now you may be asking for the Id’s who are like the ones mentioned above. The list goes likes this, I have made them links so anytime you can click link and connect to your dream company:-














Benefits For Companies:-

A. No need to invest lacs of money on paid traditional job portals and talent acquisition firms targeting to complete own targets rather find suitable set of candidates for clients.

B. No unwanted intrusion of placement agencies in finding right candidate, self driven and complete focus on acquiring best talent.

C. Directly interact with candidate and even can verify the authenticity of experience and locations mentioned by the company, hence cost saving in getting verification done by third party. As candidates is not going to furnish a fraudulent on Social Media.

Visiblity to hige set of candidate pool and hence crunch of right peoples is no more because people spend maximum  time doing social networking.

Benefits For Candidates:-

A. No paid services for finding a right jobs.

B. Remain most updated on jobs openings and push the resume to the seekers Bang on time in place of old or removed job postings enlisted on traditional jobs sites.

C. Being on Social Networking and looking for Job is as compared much easier than looking out for Jobs elsewhere.

D. Candidate can ask questions from the seekers real time and get immediate response on status of candidature.

So many benefits without leaving Twitter is so much fun.

Do you know any such more non-traditional ways of finding jobs, do share your thoughts.


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