ICE:::Incase of Emergency Number

ICE is In case of Emergency Number which I saved on my mobile recently and I wish to share with you all the meaning, utility and importance of this number. 

I heard a frightening but a real story from which has lot of learning behind it which made me to implement this concept and bring awareness in the society so here is the story that I want to share with you and this could happen to any of us A person on his morning walk struck by heart attack and he fall on ground helpless.  Suddenly a stranger seen him and got hold of Victims Mobile the victim asked him to dial ICE Number before he gets unconscious. As the stranger dials the number written as ICE the call gets connected to the wife of the victim and the person was saved timely as she called up the ambulance and the doctor timely on that fateful day. The victim was lucky to inform the stranger to dial the ICE Number but many of such victims may not get the chance to inform the stranger.

Here is the learning from this story:-
1. Save ICE number may be your family member or friends or dearest one whom you believe should be contacted at the time of emergency.
2. Ask your friends family members to implement the same so as to spread it as much as possible. So the awareness about this number may save lives of not only you but also your loved ones.
3. Keep ICE number on your Speed dial and the person whose number is saved as speed dial should be well informed to act in emergency about the concept and the importance of it.
4. Your medical history and your Doctor’s contact details should be well in reach of the ICE person.

I want to Requote a famous saying here:- ”A Stitch in time saves Nine”. 

Take care and Stay Safe. 🙂


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