Journey of Windows Phone- Parts 1 2 & 3


Windows Phone OS, owned and developed by Microsoft Corporation is the successor of Windows Mobile OS for mobile devices but unfortunately incompatible with it. Windows Phone 7 was the first OS in this series and launched in October 2010 in Europe and in November 2010 in North America. We are discussing here Parts 1 2 & 3 of  Journey of Windows Phone.

2011 brought a major upgrade for Windows Phone 7 and was called Windows Phone 7.5 (Mango) which bring bugs fixed and other enhancements to Windows Phone 7.


In 2011, MS CEO and Nokia CEO announced partnership, resulted in Nokia adopting Windows Phone OS as main OS for Nokia Smartphones. This made Windows Phone OS quiet popular.

2012 comes up with another update for Windows Phone. It was named “Tango”. Tango fixed a lot of bugs on Windows Phone 7.5 and also avoided installation of heavy on hardware apps on Windows Phone.


Windows Phone consisted of Live Tiles on Start-up that allowed users updates on their applications, upcoming appointments, social networks and more. Users can get a quick weather update, find out when someone likes their Facebook post and how many calls they missed right from their home screen.

Users can pin more things to Start to keep them handy: applications, contact groups, a mapped location, a song or album, their best snapshots, a webpage etc.…the list goes on, on and on!


People Hub:  Give Users with one-touch access to Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, to ensure all time connectivity. Skim the latest posts and pictures from your friends.

Games Hub: allow the users to play solo or use the free Xbox LIVE service to match wits with friends. Users can even track their Gamerscore and dress up their avatar, all from the phone.

Office Hub: Windows Phone has mobile versions of Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint. Users can create a Word document or

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Excel workbook on the phone, then synchronize it to SkyDrive so they can write or edit some more on their computer later. And SharePoint Workspace Mobile makes it easier to collaborate with co-workers while users are out of office.


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