Manpower and Man with Power

I want to recall the citation of the great hindu Epic Mahabharat where in Kaurav select the Krishna Army in place of Krishna and which lead to ultimate destruction of the mights of Kaurav’s in the hands of Pandavas. So here the point comes the Head hunter is expected to select either the Manpower or Man with power.

If they select the first option they may be selecting the best workforce but that doesn’t ensure the ultimate goal of growth and the organisations success but will only increase the count of quality workforce without vision.

Hence in today’s industry visionary leadership is required as the leadership only can write a good or bad story of a company. Else it would as equals to hiring the complete Infosys but without Narayanmurthy, Reliance without Ambani’s or Wipro without Premji. Quality manpower requires a equivalent quality leadership which brings the difference between a Company with Manpower or Man with Power. If there is only Manpower without any power it hampers the organisational goals whereas a Man with power can turn the story other way round. Paying 1000 dollars to any graduate from a cambridge, oxford or IIMs will be a wastage only if he is lead by a Enlightened 100,000 dollar mind.

So what is your choice Manpower or Man with Power?


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