MNP- Brief Introduction

MNP i.e. Mobile Number Portability Is launched in India Recently bringing a big air of Relief for the Mobile customers who were unhappy since years or so with their Mobile Operator. Till that time they Could not change the operator with this hard fact that they have to change the Number which they for-lived since long.
Changing a number means conveying Each and every friend every family member of change in contacts still few contacts will end up making calls on  old number. But now after the Launch of this service life is much easier.

Subscriber has to Just send an SMS to get a UPC (Unique Porting Code) and give this Unique Porting Code to the Port In Operator. New Operator will offer a New SIM and hence with this UPC the MSISDN will migrate from Port Out Operator to Port In Operator.Despite the fact that MNP Process Turn Around Time is 7 Days which is the Highest in the world. Considering it as a New service and the complications involved in it subscribers in upcoming days to make Port Out Charges now at Rs. 19 be waived off and Turn Around Time for the complete process be reduced to few hours. With the Updates and Invention of Technologies it is quiet practically possible to make this happen. In fact some of the Countries have this process in place now.

There were many more complications involved with MNP Process as a whole but they are all slowly been sorted out and soon we can hope a hassle free, prompt and smooth transition of customer movement from one operator to another. In fact there is no harm because one study says that Usually Zero users or Null usage customers usually move out of the network these are either dummy SIMs bought by telecom retailers and to earn incentives from company and again get more incentive in getting ported in to another operator with fake Ids and fake proofs. This malpractice is almost abolished with the strict TRAI Mandate it is getting nearly impossible to show fake Subscriber penetration by operator and it is equally getting difficult for retailers to push fake numbers with fake IDs for long as companies are taking strict action against such retailers and Sales person once finding such fraud. MNP is overall a good practice and give relief to subscribers who wants to get rid of their operators.


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