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SINGHAM was released few days back and I choose to write the review of this particular movie because it has shown all issues faced by all of us. The issue raised by this movie has restarted the debate on Police reforms and freeing this vital organization from Politics and Mafia. The movie show Non-Sense Politicians Under pressure of Money and Arms Power of Mafia Harass Honest Police Officer, Even making one officer suicide due to false bribery case. Same thing happened with the officer Named Bajirao Singham(Ajay Devgan) based at small village.
Except some Unrealistic Fight Scenes (which are identity of Rohit Shetty’s Films) the movie is Digestible for Indian Masses as it brings with it the hot topic of Corruption and Mixture of Mafia with Politics and War of a Police officer against it. Rohit Shetty has also established that films Without Romantic scenes and Street Language still applauded by masses. Movie also highlights “Unity as the Best Policy” as this finally brings the End of Mafia and the Politician.
Movie holds the Audience to there seat with Good Comedy and also could be seen along with family. It has a controlled Dramatization which is important for any movie to succeed. There was nothing much for the Heroine to do but Kajal has done her best.
Good timing of Scenes of this film makes it a must watch and could be taken as a Good Come back of Ajay Devgan after many not so good Films.
Good Luck Rohit, Ajay and Kajal for Future….
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