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Folks you would feel lighter and releaved if you implement suggestions in my Post.We all as a Human being are sent by the God with the gift of music which fills Rainbow Colours to Black and White life of mankind. We as the individuals are facing multiple challenges and these challenges are daily new and hardened enough to take a Huge toll of us. Here music could bring a ray of hope to the close doors of our mind and heart. How???? is explained below.

My above paragraph is in short the essence of my Post and the reason I choose this topic for the sake of good health of everyone. You may be of any Sect, Language and Religon but we are connected to each other by music. The wonder words of music are 7 Swars Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa Sa Ni Dha Pa Ma Ga Re Sa. These are the vowels of Music without them no music could be composed. Now coming back to the point we are a good singer or not is not mandatory to be a music lover. Music could be of any type Hip-Hop, Rock, Jazz, Classical, Semi-Classical, Filmi, Bhajans and so on. If you are upset about something from the stress of home or job you listen to the instrumentals if you love filmi music you would realise the indepth of that song and an effervence of musical effect. Listening to your favorite songs can recharge you for the full day Challenge.
If you want to start your day taking god’s name you can listening bhajans or devotional music. I read somewhere the magical effect of music on Cows and the Plant, Cows listening to music in the day started giving more milk whereas the growth of Plants when being kept within a chamber with light music had a growth rate higher in comparison to plants grown under fertilizers. These are the small effects of music. There is a therapy devised in the name of music in which recovery from disease is actually found higher when person listening to music compared to a normal Patient.A light and cheerful music even could Increase sales in your Genral Store and bad music could make your customers run away from your shop.
Lighter and rejuvinating music useed efficiently in Hospitals, Gym, General Stores, Shopping Malls and even in Botanical Gardens. A study shows that if keep a low volume music in our work place could make your team work more efficiently and with higher concentration Level.

Think and Implement….Stay Healthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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