One Plant for Life

With the Heading you can understand that this post is dedicated to a mother which gives us everything to us but in return it never expects anything to us like our own mother “Mother Earth”. Check within yourself don’t we do all these things:-
1. Inhale O2 and Exhale CO2. We need it.
2. Our car bike train buses burn petrol and diesel for us to go places and release CO2 and CO. We need them.
3. We burn coal to get electricity and illuminate our house but it release CO2 and CO and  harmful gases to atmosphere.
So on and so forth so many things we made for us which takes and takes and takes…from mother earth. But if we grew one tree in our life time and take care of it. The plant could cover up the extent of oxygen burn by all means by an individual in his lifetime. So if you have four members in your family please sow four plant seeds. I am sure you your family and coming generations be proud of you. If with the effect of this post 100 Plants are getting he caretakers my effort is fulfilled.

It gives a feeling of returning something to your mother and this mother has made you grown up in his arms remember the childhood days we use to play in mud. With the same instinct we should revert this generosity to our Mother.


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