A Possible solution to Electricity Problem

Electricity…is a big problem for a rising economy like India. Which option to go for policy makers are yet not clear what to do next 5 years in this big commotion local agitation and politics ate the rest of the initiatives.
To come out of this big big big issue. I would like to suggest an Idea which can possibly bring a huge change for all states and centre governments currently crying on no power. Here it goes we all know the BIOGAS. Who are unaware of it brief definition of it:- “it is a form of gas created when the human and animal waste when fermented in an underground chamber with water it is mixed and it is kept for a some days and the gas would be separated”.

We all know that sewage management is becoming a challenge in the rapid developing cities of india with the population outburst the sewage plants are about to blast off. Here what government could do is to invite people making a self help group or cooperative which would lease land from the ground to make biogas chambers and these groups would have to create biogas and with biogas electricity could be made by the same technique “left hand thumb rule”. The biogas when passed through a turbine the trubine would rotate or alternatively the biogas could be burnt to produce energy which can move the turbine and hence the electricity could be made.

So now a cooperative state grid would be made which comprises of representatives of these co-operatives and self help groups and their responsibility is to supply this electricity for transmission and distribution. The charges would be competitive and cost effective as compared to thermal and hydro electric power plants and also they would be safer as compared to nuclear plants.

So here is a clean, green and safe electricity production. Some other benefits to count on:-
1. City Sewage management easier.
2.Productivity of the land on which biogas plants are made increases naturally. So increased cultivation with zero investment.
3. Biogas If be able to produce electricity without burning could be again used for home a efficient replacement of LPG and CNG.
4. Side products of the biogas plants could be used in manure and natural fertilisers.
5. Business with social service is the ideology of this idea.
6. Self employed people would commit economical development of the country.


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