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Reading used to be an integral part of the daily activities in the time when the TV didn’t had much influence on the society. But as physical exercise is important for your body to stay fit the exercise of mind is also important. Now the question comes I studied so much since my school days I am not a kid to go back to studies and so on and so forth. Simple point is if you don’t exercise your heart will malfunction and disease can capture your heart and you may dies but if we don’t study your mind will malfunction and it may stop functioning as it should be. I am not going to relate it t\o stroke any way but the issue is we are getting away from the books. The books were important part of my shelf in my school days. And there is so much you we can learn from these books.

A minute spent in front of a book for sure is better than wasting hours in front of TV. We may have many bad excuses to eradicate a bad habit but there is no excuse to initiate a good habit. if you love stories you can start with short story novels (fiction, management, sci-fi, horror, science, geography, history, politics, autobiography, inspirational etc etc etc.). The options are many there is one book for everyone.

Now next point is where to find the books they are so costly make pool of your friends colleagues, family members and one by one people would purchase book and pass it on it wont cost much. Also you can purchase them in second hand or you can join some community library. I am sure you will find all your stress the problems of your work life gone after even reading few pages of the book. Also some times you feel not to sleep and keep reading the book. Slowly you will start discussing books and stories in your friends families and chit chatters they are just the road to knowledge.

Some learned person once said “Books are the Men Best Friend they dont ask for anything but they keep on giving you the knowledge”. And after reading you will also have the same feeling. The book dont needs to be continuously watched you can move around and read, you cantake breaks and read. For kids the best books are the comics (Tintin, Chacha Chaudhary, Mendrak, Nagraj, Spider Men, Heman) and the list keeps longing on and on this is the starting point of developing reading habits because if they are once lead they would be asset of the kid forever. As these comics give a genuine and chilidish entertainment as well as theu develope as sense of social responsibility and awareness and understanding of good and bad.
We had  legendary writers in the field of comics like Pran which gave life for the innocent entertainment to kids. Thanks Pranji, Diamond Comics, Raj Comics for being in our time.

So buy a book or borrow, clean your book shelf may be a book waiting for you…..


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