Regulated DC Power Supply

Today when people are getting more dependent on the Instruments and Devices of various types. There are multiple devices which need DC Supply as input to function properly.Live Example is Mobile Battery, Inverter Battery and various types of other batteries and fuel cells. Different Machines require different range of DC power to function like DC Motors etc. these different power supplies could not be addressed by a single power supply. Which we resolved with this project.This system have two outputs one is stagnent or fixed supply and the other is variable power supply. The fixed power supply give 5 V DC fixed power supply meant for the devices working on the mentioned voltage whereas the variable power supply is able to give the output ranging from 1.5 Volts to 9 Volts Power supply which is possible with the help of variable resistors which increase or decrease the output. Another challenge in designing the system was the designing of Transformer. This Step down Transformer decreases the High 220 Volt AC supply to get the same downgraded to a low Volt AC Output. Bridge Rectifier converts this low voltage AC output of transformer to Variable DC output.Now regulator comes into the picture which reduces variations in this output DC supply to get a fixed DC output now here again the variable resistor gives the vaiable output and fixed DC supply could be acheived directly from the rectifier output if we want to increase or decrease the fixed supply we need to push in a Step UP or Stepdown DC transformer.Finally the Regulator takes care of any excessive voltage and saves the device from sudden high or low voltage.

Principles used in the project:-
1. Transformer works on the principal of Induction with a Magentic Field and the number of coils on the secondary coils increase or decreases the output.
2. Bridge Rectifier converts the variable AC input to full wave DC output.Whereas other diode rectifiers give half wave output DC.
3. Regulator is used to ensure the dual output never makes the device fail due to extremities of input supply.

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