Reliance 4G in India

Reliance Industries limited

Reliance Industries limited

RIL (Reliance Industries Limited) has started hiring for 4G roll out across country. The hiring is now underway through various third-party Consultancy firms but there are less chances of RIL breaking any break even in offering pay packages to new hires. Despite a strong background and culture of not firing employees, RIL seams not in mood of changing trend of salary offering in telecom sector upside down. As it did in its earlier venture as RCOM. Want to recall my readers that when RIL came in Telecom in 2000s they first captured the top slot executives from Indian Telecom Services, MTNL, BSNL, DOT have to run for there best resources in holding them back from moving to RIL. The amount of investment in building the optical fibre network was tremendous and still has enormous spare bandwidth yet to be used.

A Smart Move…

Ambani Brothers's

Mukesh and Anil Ambani

Seeing a flop show of Airtel in Kolkata Circle with First in India 4G Launch Mukesh has initiated a smart move in pacting a 1200 Crore Deal with his Brother’s sinking boat RCOM of using Optical Fibre bandwidth. With an on Unified licence by the Regulatory it is a fact assured that RIL is going to share spectrum also with her Sister RCOM. This means that without much investment and ahead with the deadline of December 2013 RIL will shoot its 4G Service in Indian Skies. In addition flop show woes RIL is laying optical fibre is very difficult in monsoon season. This has also build background of this pact.

4G not an Easy Business

Reliance 4G in India

4G in India

The obstacle in front of mukesh is the same as that of Year 2000 but Reliance is made to overcome such obstacles. The obstacle is you have surplus data enabled handset in the market but none supports 4G as technology. Whereas as per the last huntdown of Reliance Team they generated the demand in place of waiting for demand to come. Despite loss in 500Rs Handset (Karlo Duniya Mutthi Main) adventure reliance made mobile’s reach masses. The situation, war ground and rules has changed a lot since that time but Reliance is all the same with same spirit of Y2000.

Let’s Hope with “RIL 4G Advent in India”, Indian Telecom Market regains its lost pace.


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