Revenue Efficient BTS-A Revenue Idea for Mobile Operators

Here is Bright Idea about the BTS which is the base of the network as it is depicted by the Name Base Transreceiver Station. This Activity could be carried out in coordination between Network Team+Customer Service+Sales+Retail Team+Marketing. This activity starts with identifying the Coverage Area where the Movement of People is High (Should be Incremental) Could be a New Built Commercial Complex, Newly developed Residential Area Etc. This locality comes with a Business opportunity as the Operator who is seeking revenue in this locality Could:-
1. First ensure the Reduction in Site downtime the Prime importance to make people slip into your network. With the Launch of MNP its quiet easy now for a customer to move around with an operator which givesĀ  better service.
2. Second would be the Site Performance Optimization. If my Site with Coverage in East West North South Directions and I observe that East and South Direction I have People who make most of the calls resides in South and East directions whereas my West Direction People require Coverage only and North Directions donot have any population, I would Increase the Antenna Power in South and East Directions and decrease the Antenna Power in West Directions and no coverage in North direction. Hence the running cost of the BTS is optimized.
3. If it is a Residential Area I could offer the free SIMs with some trial offer like free calling within the Complex and incase it is Commercial Area the CUG connections could be made available to the customers with competent offers to make them use our service.
4. Promotional Activities like promotional SMSs and Out Bound calling could make the marketing efforts along with the sales and Retail Team reaching out to the customers with Outlets in the vicinity and Dealer Touch Points could be established.

Hence it is a case of utilizing your resources appropriately and making sure you take the best possiblity out of your available chances.

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