Review Post Vs Affiliate Marketing Post

Review Post Vs Affiliate Marketing PostUsually review posts are of two types one is non-affiliate and other is affiliate. I call non-affiliate review post as only review post. As review post came before affiliate marketing was invented. Review is how a writer looked at a particular product and what features with descriptive analysis he felt is good and what is not good. The sharing of views unbiased and are clear. When you put your views unbiased it has a bigger audience and more and more people get attracted towards it. When you practice writing review post it becomes a fine art which gets delivered to your audience in a presentable format. Thus review post should be well practiced before you jump into affiliate marketing post. Review posts usually is read with keenness and slowly you develop an audience around your blog.

Which is mandatory for a successful affiliate marketer to have a huge queue of readers waiting for next post. Affiliate marketing is usually a finer art because you are going to recommend something to your loyal audience which they are going to opt for. Reviews are the stepping stones of many successful affiliate marketers where they sharpened their skills of marketing and product presentation ultimately delivering best affiliate marketing ideas.

Reviews usually left over the choice to accept or reject your ideology and it has a limited responsibility. As a novice blogger you can always try your hand with review posts mentioning that people have the choices of there own to decide upon future course of action. Once you have written atleast 50+ review post you are ready as a affiliate marketer. Because you as reviewer had enough experience of skills of writing and presentation as well as marketing your product.

Affiliate marketing post has a difference because here the blogger is not showing the darker sides of the product and usually never compares cons of product. I term it as spot lighting in a show case, review post is a showcase with lots of lights on various products whereas affiliate marketing is showcase with a price tag on it. The craft of affiliate marketing is usually not to seam like sales propaganda nor it should reflect as review post. Affiliate marketing is a different art within itself and hence should be approached with caution.

Affiliate marketing should never be confused with review and neither review post be confused with affiliate post. To clear the readers you don’t have any monetary interest with the product or brand. This disclaimer usually is put in review post by prominent bloggers so readers usually never get confused. Free review posts should never be shy away despite being a successful affiliate marketer, as it keeps your readers hooked to your blog and don’t see you as a salesman.

Review posting keeps readers interested and affiliate marketing post keeps your bank happy. But none of them should be kept above another and growth in affiliate marketing is slowest as compared to any other mode of marketing promotion. How you started your affiliate marketing career? What are your secrets of Affiliate and review post success? Do share your success mantra with us. If you liked this article share it on facebook and twitter.

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