Robots as House Maid

There are multiple tests and innovations, modifications done in robotic science which has made possible that even robots could perform the job of a house maid. Despite multiple failures the research is still in progress on this.

The difficulties faced by the scientists are:-
1. Programming robot for multiple jobs and that too with varied requirements of a home, restaurant or hotel.
2. Multitasking and switching from one job to another.
3. To keep annual cost of maintenance low at an acceptable level.
4. Designing every robot as per the individual needs.
5. Absorption and performance of new tasks in hand on regular basis.

Beside all these challenges in front of the makers there are many benefits of robot working as house maid:-

1. No issue of maid taking leaves or security concerns.
2. No concern of changing maids due to one or multiple reasons.
3. Multi tasking ability would require not to keep many maids for cooking, house cleaning, washing clothes and attendant for elderly and kids.
4. Could work tirelessly day and night and need not require any monthly salary.
5. No issue of security as the robot would stay inside home and no chance of it leaking any inside information to outsider.

Impact of implementation of Robot Maids:-
1. Resettlement of displaced workforce due to robot maids could be a concern but with growing economy the same could be addressed.
2. Cost of robot could be an issue but could be resolved by economy of scale.
3. The cost of running and cost of maintenance is a challenge but be addressed by fitments of solar charged batteries and maintenance charge could be reduced by outsourcing service centres.
4. Hacking of robots for burglary will be a future challenge.
5. How the robot could manage and learn new house hold work and re prioritise according to situation. The decision making at such situation is an issue.

Now with the immense pressure on working ladies and challenging times of being a working women it is a practical requirement of a full time maid or house attendant which is getting costlier day by day in the A class cities. 


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