Strategic Management-Does it Decides Fate?

This topic I felt to discuss with you as this topic near to the heart of Every Professional (Currently a Manager or aspire to be).

We start the discussion as What is Strategy?
A. Plan!
B. Process!
C. Way forward!
D. Reason of Growth of an Organisation an Individual!
Everything mentioned above is strategy. I Like to mention hear the Serbian Bird which fly to India to get away from the hot climate in serbia and return back to serbia as it gets hot in india. This is called strategy!!!

The strategy is also visible as Thumps Up a prominent name in soft drinks was purchased by Coca cola. Now here I coin a term said by a famous management expert “You can kill competition by either selling more than your competitor or buying it”. So this is another aspect of strategy.

Pre childhood the Dabur Dantmanjan and Colgate Tooth Powder were the only names in tooth care industry but now scene has changed these names are now a famous brand of Tooth Paste Industry. This is adaptability. Another point on strategy.

To sum up there are multi facets of Strategy which bring new dimensions to a Business hence the future of an industry or an organisation depends on the strategy adopted by its management.

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