Things to be avoided while leaving the job

If you have planned to leave the job or have executed the plan I am coming up with few suggestions to make your Honeymoon Period (Notice Period) a happier one. Because after all your old company deserves a fair farewell and most importantly you yourself who gave blood and sweat to the company need a Appreciable Adieu. How to is a big question in mind of many of us, because everyone is not leaving the job with his own happiness. But what I want to say here is

whatever be the situation which made you leave the job. You had performed your job well and you are leaving your job with heads high. Below are the avoidable things which I want to suggest to ensure your last few moment in the company are cheerfully over and your initial days with a new employer are cherish able.

1. Watch Out before Speaking your Heart out in front of Co-Workers and Boss:-
Many a times employees are not leaving the job on a not so good note. They hence sometimes becomes so emotionally distressed that they tell the co-workers and bosses what they actually think about them. I suggest not to do this because you never know in this small professional world. Where your ex-colleagues meet you up in your upcoming companies and hence can affect your image in your upcoming endeavors

2. Never Steal or Damage Company:-
You may be misbehaved or ill treated by your current employers, but never ever indulge in stealing or damaging company property. After all stealing and damaging someone’s property is a punishable offence. Nevertheless it ruins your professional reputation and even can put you behind the bars.

If you are still distressed I hope this point can make you think twice before being offensive to your existing employer before leaving the job. Imagine a situation where in you are in ABC Corp. Ltd and you resigned from this company to join XYZ Ltd. now you are mentioning your experience of “3 Years” in ABC. XYZ is going to do a reference check. Ensure you get a Positive or a neutral reference check. Because you may loose your job in XYZ if your current employer ABC has given a negative rating in reference check. So think before you get aggressive towards your current employer post resignation.

4. Never Criticize your bosses or colleagues in front of your replacement:-
Never express your distress in front of your replacement, as everyone may have his own experience with world. So if you are expressing distress in front of your replacement. It will ruin your reputation in front of the new joinee also it may ruin your relationship with your bosses as your distress may reach ears of your targeted boss or colleague. And he may damage the path of easy exit from the company. Even new joinee asks for your views express balanced approach and leave the decision to build image to him.

5. Expressions in front of perspective employer in Job Interview:-
This is last but an important point. This is question in interviews are usually asked for a particular reasons these days.
                            What you think is Bad about your current job?
You should answer this question in single word as Compensation Employer will surely smile on you either will change the topic or else if he stresses making you speak something bad about someone. You may answer following as well.
Growth/Training Opportunities/Interactions or something else but never say anything wrong about the culture or about bosses/colleagues of your existing companies. Because in this digital world these days
                                                  “Sound is running faster than light
Think twice about my above said statement to understand the impact of your one wrong word in Interview.


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