A Thought on Crash Course of Music and Dance

There are many musical classes in the vicinity which teach music and dance and probably they can make a person good in copying songs which are already sung by someone or follow dance steps of someone else.
Believe it these classes can never give actual singers dancer. Ok let’s forget about Tansen, Meerabai but even modern time legends like Mohammad Rafi, Manna Dey, kishore kumar, Birju Maharaj never learnt music from such crash course schools.

The actual classes which gave such singers and dancers were drove by the actual priest of music and dance which gave whole life for the dedication to this art and they don’t need money from student but dedication, affection, love sacrifice faith worship towards the art. Because every child is born with its unique capability hence these able legends find such capable students which will enlighten the tru worship of these arts and they in turn train them without any fees. Such teachers and such classes I believe are still present in this Kalyug.

These arts require the whole life dedication to bring best out of a person and anyways fast food type crash course in this format of art could only give misguidance or indigestion. You need a complete full meal of able guidance and enough effort to serve this format of art which is like praying god to earn true spirit and Nirvana.

Hope this thought may help many who are looking for such Crash Courses in Music and Dance and there is no shortcut in learning a artĀ form. For which dedication and time is missing.


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