Three the Movie, 3D and 3G

Three the Movie, 3D and 3G are the topics most talked about these days in India. Due to various reasons the First “Three the Movie” is already a  famous movie without advertisement only a song from the movie “Why this Kolaveri Di” has done the trick and this mode of advertising has opened new horizons for the small budget film producers to showcase the talent on Social Media without any charge and if it works well even thousand crores invested on marketing could fail in front of this popularity storm. Secondly it has shown the characteristics of our society which accepts and appreciates talent across the language and line. And thirdly Music has no language.
3D the technology on which the world is riding on every third fourth movie released is on 3D and any Teleivision Manufacturer who is not making 3D TV would be out of the market. Every advertiser of talk show to sports from Daily soaps to News is landing  on HD and 3D and after sometime I am sure this High Definition and 3 Dimension is the future of the Media and Entertainment for sure and with this growing need for Picture Clarity and Detailing I am sure the next market that would stormed by this 3D is Mobile Market for sure. Because these days any technology which we can think of has its toes or Head  landing on mobile market. India as a Economy Engine would make sure that Indians hunger for better and advanced Technology would not make the scientist rest anytime. My next 3 has its head on Mobile.
3G a revolution in the Telecom and making world more smaller is the last but not the least buzz word in this part of the world as the Technology it opens Internet on the masses where the DSL and ADSL is lagging behind. Hereby it can be said that mobile users 100 % population can access the world of internet only from the tips of the finger. And the leaders on this revolution is lead by Social Networking because the craze to be on Facebook and Twitter making not the youngsters crazy even those who are now at far flung distance from the relatives and friends are now reachable. you can now know what your friend is doing Kerala while sitting at your office in Delhi and even parents could know how the school trip is going of there kids sitting at home by just watching the pics loaded on facebook. You can know what is said by Big B and Small B and how oprah felt for here visit to India just log on to twitter from your BlackBerry or Iphone Ipad Samsung LG and you could be in touch with anyone of this world. 
Jai Jawan Jai Kisan Jai Vigyan.


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